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Why is business etiquette so important?

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For any business to flourish and thrive, business etiquette is essential. Business etiquette is defined as the rules that govern employers’ and employees’ interaction within an organisation.

It also includes the interaction between these two parties and their customers and clients. Additionally, business etiquette is how a company conveys its image to its customers and suppliers. It is also how a business communicates with any other entity within its value chain.

Business etiquette is what sets one company apart from another in the marketplace. One only gets a single chance to make a good first impression. Practising business etiquette helps always to capture this chance and shine. The way employees carry themselves in speech and attire says a lot about the organisation in general. Being on time will also create a good first impression; customers and prospective clients will take the organisation seriously when you show you do too. Business etiquette shows when individuals are confident about their skills and place them at par or above other professionals.


The importance of business etiquette cannot be overemphasised. Many large companies that are well-structured and enjoy great success have understood the importance of business etiquette. They ensure that proper business etiquette is at the root of all their operations. Although these rules seem obvious, it is easy to forget them or even disregard their importance.

When a business puts itself in the shoes of others, it will offer better business practices. The same applies to individuals who work for a particular organisation. When they find a professional work ethic in place, they will have no choice but to conform to these business etiquette practices.

With all that has come before in mind, persons have been invited to take part in the upcoming Business and Personal Etiquette Conference 2022, slated for September 20 at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston.


At the end of the Conference, participants are expected to be better able to demonstrate:

·    Improved Personal & Professional etiquette

·    That they have all the core skills of effective management and leadership

·     Improved Personal and Professional Image

·     Improved Virtual Communication Skills

·     Improved Image/ Profile Management On/Offline

·     Improved Table Manners and Meal Etiquette

·    Effective representation of their organisations


The organisation will benefit from having leaders who:

·       Are Improved Executives/Managers

·       Represent the Organisation through effective virtual communication

·       Meet Organisational Objectives

·       Increase in productivity and efficiency

·       Enhanced communication skills

·       Build a more productive work environment

·       Are equipped motivated and confident to transition to the next level or lead more effectively

·       Think, look, and behave like leaders


·       Workplace Etiquette

·       Table Manners and Meal Etiquette

·       Professionalism

·       Meeting Etiquette

·       Communication Etiquette


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