USA | May 30, 2024

Wisconsin family to sue daycare after child tests positive for cocaine



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Wisconsin mother Kimberly Hopsin is calling for stricter punishment for a daycare worker who allegedly exposed her one-year-old son to cocaine, according to investigators.

Hopsin says she discovered scratch marks on her son when she retrieved him from daycare on May 15. Concerned, she brought him to the Milwaukee Campus-Children’s Wisconsin paediatric hospital, where tests revealed that cocaine was in the child’s system.

Police investigators report that the daycare workers exposed Hopson’s son to cocaine.

On Wednesday (May 29), Hopson and civil rights attorney B’Ivory LaMarr gave an interview before the KinderCare daycare in Oak Creek, concerned with what they considered insufficient charges brought against 24-year-old Passion Watson.

After the police investigations determined the backpack with cocaine found at the daycare belonged to her, Watson was charged with misdemeanour drug possession.

“He was… poisoned by the same individuals who were supposed to safeguard his well-being,” LaMarr said in an interview with Wave News.

Watson reportedly admitted to using cocaine socially approximately twice a month, but she denied knowing about the bag of drugs discovered in her backpack.

LaMarr is seeking additional charges to be levied against Watson, disputing the charge and highlighting that her son was affected by Watson’s misconduct.

“That is not enough,” LaMarr said. “We are seeking neglect charges, which have been forwarded to the district attorney’s office, and we demand that these charges be pursued,” LaMarr added.


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