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JM | Sep 17, 2021

With cigar in hand, Andrew Bellamy shows Jamaica just how ‘sorry’ he is for disregarding no movement day

Gavin Riley

Gavin Riley / Our Today

Imagine posting an “apology” to the country, from your private Instagram account where you are pictured sitting nonchalantly with a cigar. But you claim to be “sorry”. Okay. (Photo: Twitter @Bertitude)

Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Councillor Andrew Bellamy struck my last frayed nerve on Friday (September 15) as he posted another poor attempt at an apology over his joint mockery of no movement day at the R Hotel with former minister Floyd Green and co. 

Bellamy, in a Thursday Instagram post shared on Twitter, with an image of himself being pensive on his phone, claimed to have “seen the great error in poor judgement” in his actions. 

Beginning with a line from Johnny Nash’s I Can See Clearly Now, the Mona Division councillor was seemingly demonstrating repentance, however, I, for one, am not fooled. 

See statement in full below: 

“I’ve seen the great error in poor judgement and all my actions. I’ve seen the disappointment created for my family, friends colleagues, the people I represent and our nation. #MyDeepestApologies  

I’ve also seen that despite all the good practices, best intentions and countless positive actions delivered throughout my years of service, as a public servant, I must & will be held to a higher scrutiny, judgement and sentence. #RightfullySo #ToHeWhoMuchIsGiven

Thankfully in this lesson, I’ve been allowed to SEE who is real and reminded about what’s important along my journey of service. Without a doubt, despite the noise, despite the lack of resources, and despite all the naysayers, MY COMMITMENT as COUNCILLOR for the people of Mona Division has not wavered one inch, in fact, I’m even more FIRED UP now to serve. #GoFigure

There’s been a lot of outpouring of national pent-up frustration and choice of words extended in my DMs, it’s understandable and I get it. However, in the same breath, over the past 24 hours, I’ve been showered with so much positivity and encouragement. #MyAppreciationandLoveBuck

Today is a new day and I won’t live in the past. 

We all make mistakes, and I’m admitting mine.

Councillor Bellamy”

The problem with this “apology”, if it even qualifies, is that Bellamy left off a CRITICAL piece of his Instagram post: the photo.

In the image, Bellamy is seen smoking a cigar as he looks off into the distance.

Adding insult to injury, the @andrewbellamyjlp Instagram profile is now private, which means, Jamaicans were NEVER to catch wind of your back-handed sentimentality.

Forgive the Jamaican Patois because I know your kind frowns upon it, but fi a big man and a father, yuh fi gwaan betta and stop tek mi fi eediat

This ‘victim complex’ you are spewing is disgraceful, but not surprising given your fellow politicians’ affinity for gaslighting and disparaging ordinary Jamaicans as if they are beneath you.

When you say “despite the noise”, are you referring to the calls for accountability for breaching no movement as you and your “real ones” toasted to the sacrifices of a nation? 

Where do you get off? 

Being a councillor since the 2016 Local Government elections, between you and Minister Fayval Williams, who truly deserves the “credit” you so claim? What would she say to this rhetoric? 

Another thing, what’s up with all the hashtags? 

Why are you trivialising something that was meant to be genui… Oh. Okay. I get it. 

I would offer my own “pent-up frustration”, but let’s backtrack to the now-infamous video. 

Isn’t this you, Mr Bellamy, with the healthiest guffaw I’ve ever seen in pandemic times? 

A screengrab from now-viral social media videos showing Floyd Green, Andrew Bellamy and others guffawing at the nation’s expense as they shouted “Shower Labourites!” at a party allegedly held on Tuesday, September 14. (Photo taken from video | Twitter @darkkswan)

Don’t even get me started on the first “apology” where you said, “the anger and disappointment based on the feedback received is regretted”. 

What, may I, a naysayer, ask, does that even mean?

Moving on, I am pleased to hear you are “more fired up” than ever to serve the Mona Division. Tell me, will you be visiting the residents of Backbush, St Andrew anytime soon? 

After all, it is a JLP stronghold and last I heard, the people were fuming from 2017. 

It was beyond me why you were ever appointed a member of the board of the South East Regional Health Authority (SERHA), having NO medical expertise whatsoever. What did you bring to the table?

I should take solace (I guess?) that you resigned and also withdrew your chairmanship of all committees within the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC). 

As you said, “today is a new day” and you supposedly learnt from your mistakes. 

Your Instagram post suggests otherwise. Have a nice day, sir. 


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