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Woman behind viral ‘defective’ polymer banknote vindicated

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A screen grab from Shereica Mothersill’s viral social media post showing a defective J$1,000 polymer note. (Photo: Twitter @LanceLaevca)

Shereica Mothersill, the woman whose viral social media post prompted the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) to probe a purported defective J$1,000 polymer banknote, is confirming that she successfully filed a complaint with the central authority and that the bill is in its possession. 

Mothersill returned to social media yesterday (June 22), after being inundated with accusations of lying and public mischief and she emphatically denied any such claim, insisting that her report was indeed genuine. 

A representative from BOJ’s communications department also confirmed Mothersill’s visit when contacted by Our Today.

In the video, Mothersill shared the receipt’s contents for all to see, which reads as follows:

“Shereica Mothersill, acknowledge receipt of one $1000 polymer banknote bearing social number AA235769 in good condition from the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ). 

The note received is a replacement for a $1000 polymer banknote bearing serial number AA081811 which has a flaw. A video of the note and an account of my experience trying to use the note at a supermarket was uploaded to a social media platform. 

In that video I also requested assistance from BOJ.”

She also urged local media to ‘be just as prominent’ with the follow-up stories that would vindicate her and asked Jamaicans to refrain from insulting her further.

“So, unnu can come offa mi case now and fi all who did think seh meeda get lock up and di money di fake, well, sad to say. But anyways, I hope seh di site dem weh put up seh mi put out di money, mek sure seh unnu put up dis too,” Mothersill began.

“Mek sure unnu put up seh mi get back di money and BOJ get di money. I thank you, bye. And unnu can please stop comment pon mi [expletive deleted] and unnu can keep unnu negative comments to unnuself and have a great day,” she added.

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