JAM | Nov 27, 2023

Xodus Remedy: a merger of fete and road march

Shemar-Leslie Louisy

Shemar-Leslie Louisy / Our Today

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The Truck is about to move off! (Photo: Shemar-Leslie Louisy/Our Today)

Two trucks and a crowd of people jamming to soca around the National Stadium is all that was needed to create a supercharged event for attendees at Xodus Remedy.

The event, on Saturday, November 25, featured an enjoyable mix of dancehall and soca tracks from multiple islands, with drinks-inclusive courtesy of Campari. To its credit, Xodus Remedy avoided the typical soca party issue of having a repetitive musical selection by including popular songs from 2023.

Although the event could be dubbed a success overall, it was marred earlier in the night with delays in the start time and in the trucks’ departure.

Video: Instagram @carnivalbelle

Right after the party ended, speaking with Our Today, Maya Ashley said: “The party was great. I was tired and sleepy before I came here but there was never a dull a moment and it had me jumping and dancing straight through; the party did a great job of keeping my energy up.”

She commended the availability of food and drinks at the event.

Daina Elliot, veteran reveller, said: “The event was great; I loved every moment of it. Being around friends with good music is always a vibe. The energy was on point, I felt alive and as if I was a part of an experience.”

First-time reveller Owen Cardoza said: “Considering this is my first soca party, I wasn’t sure what to expect, my friend told me to come out tonight and promised me a great time and they definitely weren’t lying.”

“To me, it looked pretty awkward initially, but when that truck moved off, things got wild. I don’t even know the soca music like that but I like it and I really enjoyed myself; it was nice. I’d give it a solid 7.5 out of 10, if this is what a road march is like I definitely have to be at the next one,” he added.


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