| Mar 31, 2023

‘Yaad House’ restaurant opens for Sandals Negril staff

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Caught in a candid frame are the first of many team members who were served at Yaad House on the day of its official premiere.

Eating together is one of the oldest and most profoundly unifying human experiences. Food, like art and culture, can create social connections that transcend time. The environment, too, is instrumental in shaping these connections and determining the quality of the experiences shared. With this concept in mind, Sandals Negril has transformed the way that their staff eat, connect and share beyond the surface.

Yaad House, the grand re-imagination of the resort’s staff restaurant, was officially opened on Monday (March 27) to booming applause and joyful festivity. Spirited staff gathered with pride at the unveiling of the new dining space that they had named. After much anticipation, team members and corporate delegates alike were excited to finally behold the long awaited staff space.

“Work can definitely be overwhelming sometimes but this space allows us to feel relaxed and rejuvenated,” shared Tavina Porter, junior sales executive. “It’s more than we ever imagined it would be.”

As part of the exciting evolution of brand Sandals, the space was designed with the aim of providing a state-of-the-art dining area for staff. The new restaurant boasts a spacious interior, contemporary furnishings and a welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, the tasteful display of the guiding pillars aligned with the brand’s Way Forward initiative, a new and exciting programme, that focuses on team members, ensures that the shared values are not merely hung on the walls, but are also etched on the hearts of team members.

In his address at the opening ceremony, Shawn Dacosta, chief operations officer of Sandals Resorts International, explained that Yaad House is the first of many developments across the chain and is essentially the prototype for the new restaurant concept for employees to enjoy. He also shared sentiments surrounding the significance of bringing the brand’s vision to life at the resort.

“Sandals Negril was one of our first hotels and we really wanted to make an impact here,” he expressed, and added, “We knew for sure that we would begin at this resort and replicate this across all our hotels.”

Amidst the celebration of a new beginning, team members were catered to and served delicious meals by eager members of the resort’s management team. General Manager, David Latchimy, was also present and in high spirits. A zealous advocate of safe, sustainable and comfortable spaces for staff, he readily voiced his heartfelt thoughts on the introduction of Yaad House. 

“When we started this project two years ago, we envisioned an amazing staff restaurant for the team. It was important to me that there was a place for them to unwind and be at ease. I was resolutely committed to the actualisation of this vision and to the team’s general welfare,” he articulated.

“Fast forward to today and we have one of the most beautiful spaces around. This is truly a proud moment for the Sandals Negril family,” he added.

Sandals Negril continues to carry out the mandate of ensuring that team members live more prosperous, sustainable and fulfilling lives. Yaad House, now an icon of comfort and well-being, will play an integral role in guaranteeing good food, healthy connections and edifying life experiences. 

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