JM | Sep 27, 2022

YouTube removes age restriction from Skeng and Nicki Minaj’s ‘Likkle Miss’ video

Tamoy Ashman

Tamoy Ashman / Our Today

Skeng and Nicki Minaj.

YouTube has removed the age restriction from Nicki Minaj and Jamaican dancehall artiste Skeng’s Likkle Miss music video after the Trinidadian rapper voiced her displeasure with the streaming platform.

The video was released on September 25, receiving an age restriction shortly after it was posted on YouTube.

In a message to the Trinidadian rapper, the streaming platform said after reviewing the contents that it deemed it inappropriate for viewers under the age of 18.

“We age restrict content when we don’t think it is suitable for younger audiences. This means it will not be visible to users who are logged out, are under 18 years o age or have restricted mode enabled,” YouTube explained.

Minaj shared the screenshot on her Instagram and Twitter accounts, blasting the streaming platform for its decision.

Nicki Minaj (Photo: Instagram @nickiminaj)

“This was done to stop us from getting a lot of views in the first 24 hours,” said the Super Bass rapper.

Minaj accused YouTube of showing favouritism to specific record labels and skewing the numbers to make it look like other artiste songs are doing well on the streaming platform.

She also argued that there are worse videos on the streaming platform that are not age restricted and that this was a personal attack.

After immense pressure from Minaj’s fanbase, the Barbz, YouTube removed the age restriction yesterday (September 26).

In response to this, the self-proclaimed Queen of Rap tweeted: “THEY CANT GIVE US BACK OUR FIRST 24 HOURS CAN THEY?!?!!! SO MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.”

In the meantime, Skeng has not voiced his opinion on the matter.

(WARNING: Video contains explicit lyrics)

Since its release almost two days ago, the music video has received more than a million views.

The video features Skeng and Minaj surrounded by skimpily-clad women as they dance to the Likkle Miss track.

Men are also seen dancing with the women as they create the atmosphere of a Jamaican street dance.

In another clip, the Protocol deejay and Minaj are also seen in a Rolls Royce, sitting as they take turns rap or djing their parts of the song.


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