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5 areas restaurants can improve to attract more customers

Shemar-Leslie Louisy

Shemar-Leslie Louisy / Our Today

Social media food influencers Jody-Ann Williams (left), of @wheresthefoodjo, and WongaGyal (right).

Jody-Ann Williams, more popularly known on social media as food blogger and influencer Jo from @wheresthefoodjo, has shared with Our Today five areas restaurants can improve on to help them attract more customers.

Ensure your wait staff are very attentive

Operations Manager at Beaches Negril, Alexander Pike happily served the housekeeping team at the special luncheon hosted at the resort’s Teppanyaki Restaurant, Kimonos. This was done in celebration of International Housekeepers Week.

“Long wait times are a big turn off for me” said the influencer.

“No one wants to wait an extra 15 minutes for a glass of water,” she continued.

Williams explained that a reputation for high quality customer service will often be the deciding factor for people when making a restaurant choice.

Ensure your wait staff are knowledgeable about the menu

A waiter who knows what he’s doing.

The wait staff should be able to at least be able to tell a diner more than the name and what’s in the food. Ideally they should be able to tell you their previous experience with the food options.

No loud music

Let the music match the setting.

Music at your restaurant is a good idea, but no one wants to talk loudly and spit over their food just so they can hear themselves over loud music.

Keep a social media page, and ensure it’s up to date

A restaurant should have a social media page that shares the menu, the opening hours and an accurate representation of their food, not stock photos.

“Don’t catfish people with your food!” Williams exclaimed.

Accurate representation of food. (Photo: Instagram @wheresthefoodjo)

More food options

More food options

Consider introducing more creative food options. Have a special and introduce your customers to something different and memorable.


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