JM | Nov 30, 2021

$5 million up for grabs in Busta-Turbo competition

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Damian Coley

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a damper on many activities and opportunities with a cap on various operations across the world.

With huge job losses and a general contraction of global economies, Jamaica is still holding its own, with persons pivoting where possible, others being innovative and stepping outside their comfort zones while companies are trying to still be philanthropic and do what they can to enliven the spirit of their customers.

SM Jaleel & Co Ltd (SMJ), regional beverage manufacturers, is continuing its engagement of consumers and has announced it will have a mega campaign giving away $5.6 million in cash to the end of the year.

Jermaine Bibbons, marketing manager at SMJ, said the company understands the restrictions many families are facing now, so this is a way for Busta and Turbo to brighten their Christmas.

“Believe it or not, Christmas is upon us and we are happy to extend these giveaways to our very loyal customers. With $5.6 million to be won, including a series of weekly and monthly prizes in cash and kind, we are excited and encouraging our customers to get involved to take full advantage,” Bibbons said.

Danishe Green

But how does one get involved?

“It’s quite simple actually. Purchase one bottle of Busta soft drinks or Turbo energy drink, look for the code printed on the bottle (starting with 786), then send us your name, cell number and the eight-digit code via WhatsApp or through the link We are going to be making a lot of people happy for the next 10 week. We are really ecstatic about this promotion,” he explained.

There will be four weekly winners of $100,000, except the weeks of November 26 and December 22 where there will be four winners of $100,000 and an additional grand prize winners of $1 million each. There will be two grand draws for $1 million. The first took place on November 26 and the second will take place December 22, consisting of a random draw of all entries from the October 11.

Two winners have already come out singing high praises.

“My house set!” was the sentiment shared by both Damian Coley and Denish Green, who each won $100,000 and said they would be using same to procure building supplies towards their home.

“I have started building my house so that will help to get building material,” said Green, who could not contain her excitement.

“I’m pretty excited, I’ve been a Busta customer since high school and a Turbo customer for the past year and happened to be scrolling through Instagram where I saw the promotion. I said to myself ‘I’m going to try’, went to the store and bought about 12 Busta. I just sent in the code for all of them,” she said.

Vernesha Bonnick

Coley was equally thrilled.

“I’m overwhelmed. It’s a great feeling, especially knowing this is the first competition I’ve ever entered. I am a regular Busta customer, saw the promotion on Facebook, went out same time and bought a whole lot of Busta,” he said.

“I am building a house now, so this will push towards it,” Coley added.

Coley and Green are joined by Vernesha Bonnick and Andrene Whilby as weekly winners of $100,000 each.

“This will run right up to December 29. Get out, join in the excitement and cash in!” Bibbons ended.


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