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5 things to know about money coach Anna Palomino

Ategie Edwards

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Anna Palomino (Photo: Instagram @annathemoneycoach)

Brains ✅

Beauty ✅

Full of life ✅

Independent ✅

Financially free ✅

Anna Palomino checks all the boxes on this list!

The Jamaican entrepreneur rose to fame in 2020 after sharing her knowledge on how to be financially free, something many never get the chance to achieve.

Now dubbed the “money coach”, Palomino dedicates much of her time to ensuring many don’t make common financial mistakes.

While she teaches us more about finance, let’s learn a little more about her.

Anna Palomino (Photo: Instagram @annathemoneycoach)

1. Has a law degree

Most know her as the money coach, however, prior to her success in finance, Palomino studied law, achieving a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Degree. She then went on to work at a firm for some time before moving on to the role of a life insurance agent.

2. Author of not one but two books

While many of us may be aware of the money coach’s successful publication, The Big Bad Book (of Everything), this is not the only piece she has published. While The Big Bad Book serves as a manual for all college graduates and entrepreneurs, My Amazing Book of Everything teaches finance to children.

3. Has a YouTube channel

Purchasing Palomino’s affordable books will be one of the best decisions you can make. However, if at present you aren’t able to fund that investment, you can head on over to her YouTube channel – @Anna Novia.

Here, Palomino gives you the 411 on everything-you-need-to-know about money.

Anna Palomino (Photo: Instagram @annathemoneycoach)

4. Moved to Colombia to get into Beast Mode

Earlier this year, Palomino shared that she made the decision to move to Colombia, noting that unlike in Jamaica, she was able to be more productive.

She also added that, in Colombia, appearances are not the most important thing, and those around her felt more genuine about her success.

5. Go-getter from a tender age

The drive, hunger and confidence did not develop for Palomino in adulthood, but many years before. Sharing that she was considered “dunce” fort he first seven years of her life, Palomino in Grade 4, yes Grade 4, made a conscious decision to turn her life around and no longer disappoint her parents.

From placing last, to winning awards and scholarships, Palomino believed she could at just age 7.


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