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Agricultural Zhongguancun Science Park: A Growing Hub of Agricultural Innovation

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Tiffany Holman/Our Today Writer

Beijing, China:

Agricultural Zhongguancun Science Park, located in Pinggu District, Beijing, is a national-level agricultural science and technology park.

Its development started in 2018 and, since then, it has grown exponentially, attracting investment, introducing talent, and building an agricultural industry cluster.

The ‘Golden Triangle’ strategic cooperation agreement, signed in 2019 by Pinggu District, China Agricultural University, and Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group, aimed to promote the integration of government guidance, scientific research support, and business entities to create a collaborative innovation environment.

Agricultural Zhongguancun Science Park’s spatial layout emphasises functionality, with a core area, an expansion area, and a radiation area. The core area focuses on six advanced and sophisticated agricultural industries, including modern seed industry, biotechnology, and intelligent agriculture. The park is striving to achieve self-reliance in national science and technology in the field of agriculture.

The Beijing Jingwa Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Center is the implementation of the innovative ‘Golden Triangle’ cooperation model. Jingwa Center is a private non-business organisation jointly initiated by China Agricultural University, Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group, New Hope Group, and Jingdong Group.

Arthur Mol, president of Wageningen University & Research, serves as the international consultant of Jingwa Center, and two researchers serve as business directors.

The Jingwa Center has built a science and technology demonstration park, covering a total area of 484 mu. It includes a fruit industry demonstration park covering 132 mu, a dairy demonstration park covering 280 mu, and a greenhouse horticultural demonstration park covering 72 mu. The park integrates scientific research experiment demonstration, modern agricultural exhibition, scientific and technological achievements transformation, and other functions.

Agricultural Zhongguancun Science Park is not only a policy innovation highland but also an element cluster highland. It has attracted 80 agriculture-related enterprises, nine national research and development platforms, four engineering technology centres and laboratories at or above provincial and ministerial levels, and 21 innovation and entrepreneurship teams. It has built 45 doctors-hosting farms, bringing together 11 academicians and 175 doctors to create an efficient agricultural industrial cluster.

The construction of Agricultural Zhongguancun Science Park is a vital edifice for Pinggu District as it sets about building a district with “high technological abilities, massive logistics, and new fashion” based on its functional positioning of three demonstration zones and one logistics port.

The park is striving to take the lead in achieving rural revitalisation and modernisation of agriculture and rural areas, becoming an important part of the construction of the International Center for Science and Technology Innovation.

Agricultural Zhongguancun Science Park is a growing hub of agricultural innovation, attracting investment and talent, promoting collaborative innovation, and creating an efficient agricultural industry cluster. Its development aligns with the vision of the Chinese government to achieve rural revitalisation and modernisation of agriculture and rural areas, and it is expected to play a crucial role in achieving this goal.


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