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USA | Jul 7, 2023

Shazam’s song recognition expands to YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok

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Apple is introducing a new update to its popular music identification app, Shazam.

The update allows users to identify songs not only through the device’s microphone and headphones but also while browsing YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. This development aims to assist users in discovering the background tracks of videos that lack accompanying information.

The process of identifying songs on these platforms using Shazam is simple. After opening the app, users can tap the blue button and return to YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok to obtain the results.

This feature significantly enhances the user experience, eliminating the frustration of encountering captivating videos without any song details.

While Shazam is primarily associated with iOS devices, the app is also available for Android users. On the Android platform, users must explicitly grant permission for the app to access audio from other applications.

Apple acquired Shazam in 2018 for a whopping $400 million, integrating it into its ecosystem to enhance music-related features. Following the acquisition, Apple swiftly introduced a Shazam option for Control Center in iOS, enabling users to access song recognition with a single touch.


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