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USA | Feb 12, 2024

Beyoncé breaks the Internet, overshadows Usher’s Super Bowl gig with new album reveal



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Beyonce and Usher, Instagram: @Beyoncé, @Usher

The Queen B’s upcoming album Act II is almost here and fans are surprised to see that it is going to be a country album.

Two tracks were released last night after a very whimsical Verizon ad where Beyoncé comically attempts to break the Internet doing different things such as running for ‘Beyoncé of America’. 

“Okay, they ready, drop the new music,” Bey commanded at the end of the ad.

Subsequently, Texas hold ‘em and 16 carriages were released, much to the delight of fans.

Though Beyoncé is a Texan native, the new tunes come as a surprise for her longtime fans who have come know her as a R&B and Pop diva, though we did see her more experimental works in last year’s Renaissance, which was Dance and House-inspired music.

Beyoncé’s 16 Carriages, Photo, Instagram: @Beyoncé

Fans are excited for the genre switch, while others are baffled as to why Verizon or Beyoncé would steal Usher’s thunder with this ad that aired in the game’s third quarter.

#Beyoncé bowl has been trending on X, formerly Twitter, since last night.

One user wrote: “I heard there is this little football game during Beyonce’s Verizon commercial today…it that true? #Beyoncebowl” @beyzhive, X.

Another wrote: “Beyonce said okay Usher, I let you shine, now game over. Let me break the Internet.” @cindoodooch_, X.

Beyoncé did not steal Usher’s Super Bowl thunder completely, but she did manage to break the Internet after all, and took just enough of Usher’s shine with her impromptu ad appearance.


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