JM | Dec 18, 2020

Bunting takes Senate oath

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Peter Bunting enters the Gordon House Chamber to take his seat in the Senate today. (Photo: Facebook @PeterBuntingJa)

Peter Bunting is now leader of opposition business in the Senate, more than two weeks after Opposition Leader Mark Golding first announced his pick for the post.

Bunting’s return to Gordon House was delayed by the Senate appointment controversy ignited by Norman Horne delay in stepping away from the seat as he had vowed to do ahead of the People’s National Party (PNP) presidential election in November.

Peter Bunting takes the oath of allegiance in the Senate today as deputy clerk to both Houses of Parliament, Valrie Annie Curtis, looks on. (Photo: Facebook @PeterBuntingJa)

Bunting, who once aspired to leadership of the PNP before losing a challenge to Dr Peter Phillips in 2019 and being booted out of Parliament at last September’s general elections, took the Oath of Allegiance this morning.

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