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Courtney Haynes wins Fontana Pharmacy graffiti competition

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Courtney Haynes’s winning graffiti design on the walls of the still-under-construction Fontana Pharmacy in Greater Portmore, St Catherine. (Photo: Facebook @fontanapharmacy)

Jamaican architectural designer and artist Courtney Haynes on Friday (June 23) walked away the winner of Fontana Pharmacy’s graffiti competition.

Haynes, a 28-year-old graffiti artist, studied at the University of Technology for architectural design.

For his interpretation of the competition criteria, he took a different approach by utilizing traditional graffiti techniques rarely seen in Jamaica today. His design aimed effectively to  communicate the presence of Fontana Pharmacy in the Portmore area.

As he states it, the vibrant artwork serves as a versatile representation of Fontana’s identity by “creating a design that can be used not only on the construction fence but can be easily reproduced onto posters, staff shirts or other promotional material.”

In April 2023, Fontana Pharmacy launched the graffiti competition, providing an opportunity for young Jamaican artists to leave their mark on the Portmore location with a Fontana-inspired mural.

Courtney Haynes, winner of Fontana Pharmacy’s graffiti competition. (Photo: Facebook @fontanapharmacy)

After careful consideration, three finalists—Marc McDonald, Sekani Daniel, and Courtney Haynes—were chosen by the Fontana staff to exhibit their remarkable artworks on the construction fence surrounding the building.

Haynes emerged as the victorious winner following a week-long voting process on the Fontana Pharmacy Instagram and Facebook pages.

Stephanie Smith, marketing manager of Fontana Pharmacy, congratulated the winner, underscoring that “Courtney’s talent exemplifies the remarkable creativity that exists among young Jamaican artists. This competition is just one of the many ways Fontana Pharmacy continues to promote and celebrate the talents of our youths, as we remain committed to building brand Jamaica.”


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