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Digicel Business launches Masterclass business mentorship series

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Darragh Fitzgerald Selby, general manager for Digicel Business. (Photo: Contributed)

Digicel Business is collaborating with some of the best local minds in business and entrepreneurship to mentor aspiring innovators, start-up founders and professionals through a series of virtual, interactive masterclass sessions.

“Recently, it struck us that now more than ever there’s a knowledge gap between the aspiring entrepreneur and the lessons from those who have gone before them and made it to the top,” said Darragh Fitzgerald Selby, general manager for Digicel Business.

He said the Digicel Masterclass Series was intended to bridge that gap, by drawing on key insights from some of the best minds in business “and leading thought leaders in innovation”.

The seven-part series, aimed at being stimulating and inspirational, will be hosted online every Thursday at 6 p.m., starting tomorrow (October 29) until December 10.

Richard Pandohie, group CEO of Seprod Limited. (Photo: Contributed)

Host Terri-Karelle Reid will draw on the real-life experiences of some of Jamaica’s most accomplished business leaders across several industries in a thought-provoking 60-minute webisode. The Series’ first guest will be Richard Pandohie, group CEO of Seprod Limited, who is expected to engage in a riveting discussion around business transformation.

Pandohie, who is also president of the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association, has applied his transformational leadership approach to diversifying Seprod’s product range to include more indigenous products, boosting productivity, and expandinguted exports to extra-regional markets.  

Gary Peart, CEO of Mayberry Investments.

Other business leaders to be featured in the Digicel Business Masterclass series include Chris Williams, CEO of Proven Investments, and Gary Peart, CEO of Mayberry Investments.

The Masterclass sessions on digital innovation will feature Digicel Chief Marketing Officer Nasha-Monique Douglas, and Chief Digital Officer Aileen Corrigan. Towards the end, Digicel Business will announce two surprise guests who will close the Series.

  • Online registration is open to all members of the public.
  • Persons are invited to visit and complete their registration in a few simple steps.
  • In addition to the valuable knowledge imparted, participants who attend the full series of webinars and complete the pre-assigned homework receive a Digicel Masterclass Series Certificate. 

Commenting on the importance of each module, Fitzgerald Selby said: “Digicel believes that the lessons of those who have gone before are invaluable and should be shared with all who can use them. This is why we are using our digital platform and reach to facilitate this transfer of information, which may be just the thing a prospective or existing business owner needs to propel their business forward.”


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