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Eek-A-Mouse calls for Jah Cure’s freedom, blasts stabbed promoter ‘Papa’

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Jah Cure (left) and Nicardo ‘Papa’ Blake.

Reggae artiste Eek-A-Mouse is calling for the release of Jamaican singer Jah Cure, who is being held at a detention centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Following reports made to the Amsterdam police on October 1, Jah Cure was arrested on October 2 for the stabbing of promoter Nicardo Blake, who also goes by the name ‘Papa’.

The stabbing incident is said to have happened in Dam Square in the city centre of Amsterdam.

Eek-A-Mouse sought to advocate for the jailed singer in two 30-minute long videos uploaded to his official YouTube Channel on October 3 and October 6 in which he criticised ‘Papa’s business practices. 

According to the Ganja Smuggling singer, Papa is no victim.

“You are alive…,” he said.

“If you send Jah Cure gah prison your career finish.”

The artiste recalled a confrontation between Papa and himself after the promoter refused to pay him following a show that they worked on together.

Eek-A-Monk attempted to refresh the promoter’s memory.

“Member a buy you two bottles of Dom Pérignon champagne for you and Blacks and do a show fi you and didn’t get no pay?” he questioned.

He also contacted two men in the entertainment industry on his phone who both lamented that they too have crossed paths with the promoter and agreed that he was terrible to work with.

The 63-year-old singjay also sought to shed some more light on the incident between Jah Cure and Papa, claiming that Papa not only refused to pay the entertainer but was arrogant about it.

Eek-A-Mouse (Photo: Wikipedia/Peter Verwimp)

The Wah-Do-Dem artiste said Jah Cure decided to cut his losses, but still asked Papa for his plane ticket out of the country, per their agreement. The promoter supposedly refused.

“He wouldn’t give Jah Cure his plane ticket to go to Jamaica,” Eek-A-Mouse said.

Eek-A-Mouse, whose real name is Ripton Hylton, seemed to suggest that this was karma for the promoter who figuratively “stabbed me in my back”.

It has been confirmed that Papa suffered a stab wound to the abdomen during the incident that led to Jah Cure’s arrest.

Jah Cure was placed on remand for 14 days on October 5 on charges of primary suspicion of attempted murder, attempted manslaughter and aggravated assault or attempted aggravated assault.

He faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

The Longing For singer celebrated his 43rd birthday on Monday (October 11) behind bars.


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