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Happy Birthday, Kirk Franklin! – Top 8 Kirk Franklin songs to add to your playlist

Ategie Edwards

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Kirk Franklin

Choir director, singer, songwriter, dancer, composer and author Kirk Franklin, celebrates his 52nd birthday today. The music veteran, on the scene for over two decade, is best known for leading the choirs God’s Property, The Family and One Nation Crew.

In light of the multi-Grammy award winner’s birthday, Our Today has put together a list of some of Franklin’s songs that you ought to add to your playlist. These infectious and uplifting tracks can be enjoyed by Christians and non-Christians alike.

8. Wanna Be Happy (2015)

Released in 2015 as part of his Losing My Religion album and almost five years subsequent to his last released single, this, one of his many infectious songs, is quite empathetic.

It speaks to the need to be happy as a choice rather than a dependence on materialism and others. It also focuses on the emphasis individiduals need to place on their faults.

Sampling Al Green’s Tired Of Being Alone, Franklin explained the concept of the song during an interview with Steve Harvey show.

“First and foremost, every human being wants to be happy. And we will try different things all in the pursuit of that feeling. With this song I’m saying if you really want to be happy, you have to start with the originator. It’s like wanting to lose weight. Do you really want to lose weight? Because if you do, there’s a price to pay: You have to work at it.”

7. Hosanna (2002)

This is a 2002 released track from Franklin’s The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin album.

6. I Smile (2011)

Released on his 12th studio album, Hello Fear, I Smile was the first single released from this 2011 project.

Speaking on the meaning behind the single Franklin shared that, “I Smile is a fun, urban upbeat melody I wrote. It is a declarative statement that I’m not going to live my life based on how I feel. I will live my life based on God’s Word.”

5. He Reigns / Awesome God ft Papa San (2002)

This upbeat and infectious song features Jamaican Gospel artiste Papa San. Another song from The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin album, the track talks about the wonderous and marvelous work of the Lord.

The original song was first done in 1998, written and recorded by Rich Mullins. Since its release, Franklin, among many others, has covered the single.

4. Now Behold the Lamb (1995)

Now Behold the Lamb, echoed words by John The Baptist, is one of Franklin’s most famous tracks, sung by other groups and artistes such as Tamela Mann.

This worship and praise song was released in 1995 as part of his Kirk Franklin and The Family Christmas album.

3. My Life is In Your Hands (1997)

Released in 1997 as the second track from God’s Property of Kirk Franklin’s Nu Nation, the song says that despite the hard times we have, we should not fear what is to come, as Jesus is already here and, as our friend, he will find a way to solve our troubles.

The song, in 2002, was covered by Brooklyn Tabernacle choir.

2. Imagine Me (2005)

“There’s this one song that for some reason it never gets tiring. It’s a song called Imagine Me. And that’s a song that never really gets really tired of me performing,” Franklin said, explaining Imagine Me.

He continued: “Maybe it’s just because the personal-ness of the lyrics, and what it’s saying, what it’s communicating and what it means to me. That becomes very important to me. And so that has a very strong place in my life.”

This 2005 introspective and cathartic piece is the seventh track from his eighth studio album, Hero.

1. Revolution (1998)

One of his most popular and catchy songs to date, Revolution was released in 1998 as part of The Nu Nation Project.

The Rodney Jerkins and Kirk Franklin produced track, features the former, who delivers the fourth verse of the song.

The song speaks somewhat about the Book of Revelation and asks listeners if they want a change from this unjust world.


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