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Heineken 0.0 sends Formula 1 fans to Miami Grand Prix 

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Brand will be amplifying the excitement of the Miami Grand Prix locally

Gillian Lee, winner of the Heineken 0.0 Miami Grand Prix promotion shows how you celebrate winning the ultimate Formula 1 experience, courtesy of Heineken 0.0 (Photo Contributed)

Premium beer brand, Heineken is revving up the engines of Formula 1 fans for the Miami Grand Prix being held tomorrow Sunday, May 7 by sending a crew of Formula 1 enthusiasts to experience the exhilarating race live. 

Consisting of YouTuber and car enthusiast, Nick Lue, rally cross racer, Fraser McConnell and Miami Grand Prix Promotion winner, Gillian Lee, the Heineken 0.0 crew will be treated to an experience of a lifetime.

It was good vibes only at the send-off party for the Heineken 0.0 crew heading off to the Miami Grand Prix. (L-R) Fraser McConnell, Rallycross Racer and F1 enthusiast; Jodi-Ann Cohen, Heineken Assistant Brand Manager; Amoye Phillpotts-Brown, Heineken Brand Manager and Stephen McConnell, Heineken 0.0 Miami Grand Prix Guest (Photo Contributed)

For Nick Lue, this is his first F1 experience and he is looking forward to the live action and thrill of the race and he is “looking forward to seeing all the cars and hopefully I can get to meet Lewis Hamilton. The fact that I’m getting to go and cover the event is a big deal for me to show Jamaica what Formula 1 is all about. I’m really excited and couldn’t ask for anything more.”

VIP access to all Heineken events

The delegation will be granted VIP access to all Heineken events, an all-expenses-paid hotel stay and travel, and an opportunity to tour the La Tropical Heineken USA brewery in Miami. 

(L-R) For Fraser McConnell, Nick Lue, and Stephen McConnell it was cheers to Heineken 0.0 and a good time at the Miami Grand Prix send-off party. (Photo Contributed)

With Formula 1 being one of the most anticipated international racing competitions, the launch of the Heineken 0.0 Miami Grand Prix promotion also allowed two lucky persons to win a trip to Miami and have the ultimate Formula 1 VIP experience. The lucky winner, Gillian Lee, shared her excitement to attend. 

She said, “I feel fortunate, blessed, lucky, over the moon, and excited. This is my first F1 race and I’ve really been an F1 fan for a couple of months. I submerged myself into the Netflix series a few months ago and fell in love with the sport. I watched and binged, then saw the Heineken promotion and thought, ‘Well, I want to go’ and the desire was there to actually fund it myself. It is really a full-circle moment because I was lucky enough to win.”

Rallycross Racer, Fraser McConnell (centre) and Stephen McConnell (right) engage in an intense pool face-off ahead of their departure to Miami for the Formula 1 showdown at the Miami Grand Prix while car enthusiast and Heineken 0.0 influencer Nick Lue looks on (Photo Congtributed)

Continuing, Lee remarked, “I’m looking forward to, experiencing the thrill of it all, feeling the speed, and seeing the action in person. I hope everyone has a safe race and I’m looking forward to seeing some good driving on the track.”

Heineken will also be amplifying the excitement of the Miami Grand Prix locally with a viewing event and after-party at the AC Marriott Hotel in Kingston and Pier 1 in Montego Bay. Known for delivering premium experiences to its consumers, these upcoming Heineken events are poised to do just that.


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