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Hot new Christmas movie filmed in Nevis

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One of this year’s top new Christmas movies was filmed and set on the tiny Caribbean island of Nevis. 

The movie, Christmas in Paradise, starring Elizabeth Hurley and Kelsey Grammer, was filmed in Nevis thanks to a deal with Philippe Martinez’s MSR Media. 

This latest movie project represents another boost for Nevis, which has turned into a new Caribbean film production hub since the pandemic.

The film follows Hurley’s character, Joanna, as she follows her sisters to meet with her father, Grammer, in Nevis. Joanna and her sisters discover that their father, who had recently broken up with his fiancee, is having the time of his life in Nevis, playing music with his friend Jimmy (Billy Ray Cyrus), living at a resort and doing yoga on the beach. 

A scene from ‘Christmas in Paradise’.

The sisters quickly fall in love with the island themselves and, yes, the movie has a major scene at Nevis’ famous Susnhine’s Beach Bar and Grill, including the “dangerous yet addictive” Killer Bee. 

Devon Liburd, CEO of the Nevis Tourism Authority, said: “It’s remarkable to see the island of Nevis in all its beauty, once again being captured on the big screen. Travel has been unpredictable for many people over the past few years and this movie gives people a real taste of island life in Nevis, hopefully enticing them to book their tickets to experience it in person.”

Continuing, Liburd told media platform Caribbean Journal that, in addition to “being a wonderful place to holiday, Nevis is fast becoming the perfect film location for production houses, for its easy access, wonderful views and outstanding hospitality”.

Said Liburd: “We hope you enjoy the movie as much as we did.”

The movie is already available on Prime Video. 


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