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Jamaican mothers of social media: Emprezz Golding

Tamoy Ashman

Tamoy Ashman / Our Today

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TV and radio host, entrepreneur, speaker and youth advocate Emprezz Golding.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Our Today has decided to highlight popular mothers on social media who have used their platform to share their tips and tricks of motherhood with new and even seasoned mothers.

Today, the focus will be on TV and radio host, entrepreneur, speaker, and youth advocate Emprezz Golding.

Talk up youths! Talk up youths! Talk up youths! Mi seh fi talk up youths!

Whenever you hear that phrase, you know that the words belong to none other than the Jamaican empress herself, Emprezz Golding.

As the host of the national television program, Talk Up Yout, Golding has spent much of her time empowering youths, teaching them the many life lessons they will need to traverse the hardships of life while also providing encouragement.

Golding, as a strong youth advocate, has also teamed up with many Government or non-government organizations to spread a message of positivity, discipline, and confidence to several youths across the island through school tours and seminars.

While being an advocate for the children of Jamaica, she is also an advocate for her son Kush and her daughter Zipporah, supporting them in all their adventures.

If you take a scroll on Golding’s social media account, you will be sure to find countless pictures of her attending seminars and hosting seminars across the island, but you will also see her attending football matches for children and participating in family activities like a trip to the beach or even the zoo.

With two very active children, it can be hard to juggle the personal and the work life, but Golding’s dedication to being an active parental figure keeps her present for all the special moments. As supporters learn more about her family and life, they often wonder how she does it.

Well, her secrets to motherhood are things she shares on her podcast series Caribbean Moms and her Mom Talks webinars. Through these platforms, she has established herself as an expert in coaching and mentoring other mothers, teaching them tips and tricks that have been proven useful for her family.

Additionally, Golding often reaches out to experts in family medicine and pediatrics, who come on her programs to speak about topics such as sleep hacks for children, developmental milestones, how mothers can get back to their best selves after having a baby, and so much more.

Golding’s story is relatable to many mothers looking to balance their personal and professional lives and provides a blueprint for how these mothers too can balance their lives.
She is a football mom, youth advocate, speaker, facilitator, creator, producer, board director, anchor, mentor, media executive, investor tv, and radio host who proves daily that mothers can have it all.

Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day Emprezz!

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