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Jamaica’s 10 most loved snacks

Ategie Edwards

Ategie Edwards / Our Today

(Photo: Islsnac)

If there is one thing to be sure of, it’s that Jamaicans love food.

And while the ‘belly-full’ meals are more appreciated during adulthood, many of us grew up on staple Jamaican snacks. Some of us, during childhood, either brought snacks to school or bought snacks at school, to enjoy during ‘break time’.

Do you remember any of these snacks? Perhaps you still enjoy having them. Here is a list of loveable snacks enjoyed by Jamaican adults and children alike.

10. Excelsior Cheese Krunchies

Excelsior Cheese Krunchies (Photo: Jamaican Foods We Love)

A Jamaican favourite and a Jamaican classic, these bite-sized cheese biscuits are scrumptious and taste even better while drinking cherry juice.

Created by the same company that produces Wata Crackers, the Excelsior snack comes in two sizes and the Cheese Crunchies with a ‘K’ can be found in supermarkets and corner shops as well.

9. Cheeze Sticks

Holiday Cheeze Sticks(Photo: Sweet Jamaica Shopping)

This extremely cheesy Holiday snack varies in size and is enjoyed especially by children. If you are ever craving cheesy goodness, Cheeze Sticks are a great go-to.

8. Big Foot

Big Foot Spicy (;eft) and original flavours (Photo: Facebook @Holiday Snacks)

Coming in two flavours, original cheesy and spicy, if you ask any Jamaican, most will say it is a snack they have tried at least once. This Holiday treat can be found in supermarkets and corner shops island-wide and makes for a great addition to your child’s lunch kit.

7. National Cheese Curls

National Cheese Curls (Photo: Jamaica Made Shopping)

These cheese-flavoured snacks are most popular among the mature generation and brings some level of nostalgia.

Coming in two sizes, the National snack can be enjoyed at any time during the day and is best bought in threes, for eating one will leave you wanting more.

6. Butterkist Sandwich Cookie

Seprod sandwich Butterkist biscuit(Photo: Jamrock Market)

Butterkist sandwich cookies come in a variety of flavours including, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and peanut butter. This authentic Seprod Jamaica product is a cream-filled sandwich cookie sold in two different package sizes.

5. Ti-gaz

Ti-gaz (Photo: Sweet Jamaica Shopping)

Shaped like a tiger’s claw, this corn-based snack is a favourite among Jamaican adults and children. This dangerously cheesy and crunchy treat can have most Jamaican adults feeling quite nostalgic.

4. Bun

National Spice Bun(P hoto: Amazon)

Especially popular during the Easter holiday, this bun, which is normally paired with cheese, definitely amounts to a bellyfull. With its rise to national popularity, many companies began manufacturing the delectable delight with some including raisins in their bun.

These companies include HTB, National, Yummy, Honey Bun, Whitefield, Purity, Miss Birdie, Coronation Bakery and Prestige.

3. Sunshine Cheese Curls

Sunshine Cheese Curls (Photo: Loshushan Supermarket)

This is a combination of the crunchy taste of corn and cheese. These Sunshine Cheese Curls are ideal for kids.

2. Chee Zees

Chee Zees (Photo: Jamaica Desertcart)

With its rather unique taste, this crunchy and cheese-flavoured snack is popular among and enjoyed by children. Chee Zees are also available in jalapeno flavour.

1. Chippie’s Banana Chips

Chippie’s Banana Chips (Photo: Twitter @mamcnaughton)

This Jamaican staple has become quite scarce over the years, now mostly found in select supermarkets and gas stations. A flagship product of the Chippie’s brand, the lightly salted chips are made from green bananas and are especially enjoyed by adults.

And, in a world where several successive brands of banana chips have been made, Chippie’s still stands as one of, if not the best. The extended banana chips family includes a sea salted flavour, salt free and barbecue flavour.


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