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‘Koffee is not a lesbian’: Macka Diamond says reggae artiste dresses masculine to ward off sexual predators in music industry

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Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond says she does not believe that reggae artiste Koffee is a lesbian, simply because she dresses like a man.

According to Macka, the 21-year-old dresses the way she does to ward off sexual predators who are plaguing females within the music industry.

“Mi know why Koffee dress da way deh. She just want fi look like one a di man dem, she just don’t want to be harassed,” the industry veteran said.

Koffee’s sexuality has been the subject of much speculation since her 2017 debut. The Grammy-winning artiste has never publicly addressed the rumours of her allegedly being a closeted lesbian.

Since Koffee has never publicly confirmed or denied the speculation, Macka used the opportunity to give some perspective to persons who have labelled the reggae star a lesbian simply because of her appearance.

According to Macka, rape culture is prevalent in the music business and it is very common for women and girls to be forced to trade sex for favours in the industry.

Macka Diamond and Koffee

The Done-A-Ready deejay made the revelation in an Instagram live on Saturday (October 9), noting her own experiences with sexual harassment after entering the music industry fresh out of high school.

She stated that, before making a run at the music industry, she was “aware” of whispers about young females being preyed upon for sexual favours in exchange for a successful music career.

“I always hear people have to sleep with people and sex and all these things to buss,” she said.

Macka said this did not deter her from pursuing music because she already made up her mind to defend herself against anyone who tried to harass her.

“I came out of school and go into the studio with expectation, and I made up my mind that I was going to defend myself,” she added.

‘When it comes to sexual harassment – I was very protective of myself’

The 50-year-old recalled a security guard who used to always harass her for sex at the first studio she started making music.

She said that, after rejecting all his sexual advances, he started to lock her out of the studio.

Macka said one day she went to the studio and, out of nowhere, the security guard used what looked like his size-12 shoe to hit her in the chest aggressively.

“’From you nah gimme nothing you can’t come inna the studio’,” she said he shouted at her.


Stating that she only made a report to the producer of the studio but nothing came of it.

She said she would always decide against wearing clothes that were too revealing, especially if she was going to be recording late at the studio.

Macka revealed that even in the presence of their partners, producers and artistes would still make blatant sexual passes at her.

The songstress affirmed that she protected herself against sexual deviants throughout her music career, even though that meant she would need to work 10 times harder than her peers who gave in to the advances to get ahead in the industry.

The ‘Dancehall Diamond’ also touched on a physical assault incident she had with a popular artiste earlier in her career.

She revealed that a popular artiste that was not fond of her chased her out of a studio in Tower Hill, Kingston after using a board to brutally beat her until it shattered to pieces.

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