USA | Jun 9, 2023

LinkedIn introduces AI copy suggestions tool for advertisers

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A 3D printed logo of Microsoft is seen in front of a displayed LinkedIn logo in this illustration. (File Photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration)

LinkedIn, a subsidiary of Microsoft, has unveiled a new tool that leverages generative AI to suggest different copies of ads.

The announcement comes shortly after Meta launched a suite of generative AI-based tools for advertisers. The LinkedIn tool utilises data from a marketer’s LinkedIn page and Campaign Manager settings, including objectives, targeting criteria, and audience, to generate various introductory text options for ads. OpenAI models power the tool’s copywriting suggestions.

To utilise the feature, marketers can input their desired copy into the “introductory text” box within LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager. By activating the “Generate copy suggestions” toggle, they can obtain diverse suggestions for the text.

Currently, in the testing phase, the tool is available to select customers in North America. LinkedIn plans to expand its functionality, extend availability to new regions, and introduce support for additional languages in the coming months.

Abhishek Shrivastava, VP of Product at LinkedIn, emphasised the value of AI copy suggestions in his blog post, stating, “We know you’re stretched to do more with fewer resources while driving ROI for your company. AI Copy Suggestions can help jumpstart your creativity and reduce the time you spend on your day-to-day tasks so that you can continue to focus on what matters—continuing to produce memorable campaigns and building your brand.”

LinkedIn has been incorporating generative AI across multiple aspects of its platform. In March, the company launched a “conversation starter” tool that employs AI to compose post introductions. Additionally, it introduced generative AI tools for crafting profile bios and recruitment posts during the same month.

A keyboard is placed in front of a displayed LinkedIn logo in this illustration (File Photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration)

Notably, LinkedIn does not explicitly indicate whether text generated by AI is used when people utilise these tools.

The integration of generative AI into advertising is becoming increasingly common in major tech marketing solutions. In May, Meta unveiled a suite of projects designed to assist marketers with copywriting, background generation, and image cropping. Shortly thereafter, Google introduced Product Studio, a tool enabling advertisers to create images using generative AI. Google also employs AI to transform ads and customise them for search results.


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