JM | May 3, 2021

Living the Fabulous Life with Chy | Unplanned Getaway

SaChina Russell

SaChina Russell / Our Today


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about much depression, stirring roller-coaster emotions. But…. who says you have to quarantine at home to get work done?

Have you ever thought about solo travelling to soothe the topsy-turvy emotions you are going through?

According to online publication, solo travel means going somewhere alone, where you will spend a significant amount of time with yourself.

However, just because you travel alone, doesn’t mean you’ll always be alone during your journey.

I took an impromptu drive to one of Jamaica’s luxury parishes, Ocho Rios, for the weekend.

Make no mistake, this random trip didn’t mean forgetting responsibilities.

Chy Hive, it simply meant working at a location that takes you outside your comfort zone, where you can connect with the environment and new people.

Maybe that even means a new form of creative motivation.

This was not a planned event Chy Hive; no clothes, no food, no plan for a stay over… nothing.

What to do?

I did what any spontaneous person would do, I was just fabulous!

This means I embraced the unexpected, ticking off every item on my to-do list.

Was it easy? Heck no!

But what made the weekend an unplanned transition was remembering the quote by Alain de Botton: “There is no such thing as work /life balance. Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life.”

Therefore, in the name of fabulousity, I took my time, one step at a time.

While working and ensuring my responsibilities were accounted for, I made the time to meet new people, found modern yet affordable accommodation and took the opportunity to get some vitamin D from one of Jamaica’s beautiful beaches.

Was the weekend productive? Heck, yes!

Oftentimes we equate solo travel with a ‘boring time’. Well, Chy Hive, I can tell you, “It’s has been one of my better experiences.”

I feel rejuvenated and ready to take on this week’s madness. Are you?



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