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Massy Jamaica staff to become part owners of the company

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Massy Jamaica

Some 400 Massy employees are pegged to become the newest shareholders of the investment holding firm. 

February 1 marked Massy Group’s 100th anniversary and commemorated the start of yearlong celebrations. To screams of excitement, tears of joy and bouts of confetti, the company announced the gift of shares valued at US$100 to each Massy employee in Jamaica.

“What an amazing time to be a part of the Massy story,” said a beaming Janine Chen, vice president and CEO of Massy Distribution.

“This historic and tangible show of appreciation gives our team a real stake in the company’s future, and provides a meaningful incentive to continue to work hard and contribute to the company’s success; securing their own financial freedom. Love and care are pillars that our business is built on. Gifting staff members a piece of the company really demonstrates those values in a way they can pass on for generations. What a legacy.”

Janine Chen (right), vice president and CEO of Massy Distribution, cuts the birthday cake with longest serving team members Judith Brown-Foster and Patrick Aldred who have both been with Massy for 31 years.

According to Chen, each staff member, at all levels, will be given 200 shares.

She was deliberate in highlighting that “we really want the team to know how important all their roles are. We place equal value on the contribution made by each and every employee”.

Chen added: “No one person is the cause of Massy’s success. Us being here to celebrate 100 years is the sum of our people; their skills, their ideas, their passion and their output.”

In 1982, Sidney Knox, then Massy Group chairman, said: “Our ambition is to have all employees throughout the Caribbean as shareholders.”

A similar sentiment was shared by Massy Group chairman and CEO Gervase Warner at the recently held Jamaica Stock Exchange Conference.

Gervase Warner, Massy’s Group CEO.

Today, that dream is one step closer to becoming a reality.

Founded in 1923, Massy has long been a part of the Caribbean story. The company has grown to become a leader in integrated retail services, gas products, and, in other markets, motors and machines. Four hundred existing employees of both Massy Gas Products (Gas Pro) and Massy Distribution will benefit from the birthday gift.

The gift of shares is just one of the many ways that Massy is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The Group is also planning a series of events and activities to commemorate the milestone, including a special anniversary celebration for employees and their families. The company is proud to be an employer of choice across generations. 

“We are very proud of our 100-year history.”

Janine Chen, vice president and CEO of Massy Distribution

Massy Distribution is consistently ranked as a great place to work by happy employees. In January, the company announced policy changes to grant Massy fathers 25 days paid paternity leave.

“We are very proud of our 100-year history,” said Chen.

“Though our group spans different countries and industries, on this momentous occasion, we celebrate as one team, with one dream, and a unified mission; to be a Global Force For Good!” 


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