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Monique McIntosh helping entrepreneurs leverage digital marketing to accelerate their business

Vanassa McKenzie

Vanassa McKenzie / Our Today

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Monique McIntosh, Digital Marketing Consultant and Educator (Photo Contributed).

Monique McIntosh is no stranger to the digital marketing space, having worked with several companies locally to help them grow their brand in the digital space.

The 28-year-old Marketing Strategist has been making her mark across various sectors such as education and training, the creative industry, and the banking sector.

“I have really developed a passion for helping to empower businesses, particularly Caribbean-based businesses because there is so much room for us and I feel as if a lot of the times businesses are operating as if it’s the 1990 or early 2000 when there are so much more that we could do to tap into more markets if it is that we are bold enough to take the step to move away from the modus operandi locally and really step into the possibilities that are available to us now based on the various technologies available,” she shared.

Monique McIntosh, Digital Marketing Consultant and Educator (Photo Contributed).

McIntosh who has a passion for helping businesses grow, in an interview with Our Today shared that her journey to the industry was not smooth sailing transitioning from university to the marketing industry.

“When I entered the job market, I was sort of dissatisfied with what I saw. I was in banking for about two years and when it became clear to me that I wasn’t going to be able to shift out of my customer service role into marketing in the organisation, I decided to branch out on my own,” she explained.

Monique’s new journey would see her working as social media manager for local companies such as Regency Bar & Lounge, Milan Cosmetics, Kingston Creative, and among others to gain valuable experience in the discipline.

A recently concluded training session conducted by Monique McIntosh with Kingston Creative in Downtown Kingston sponsored by Red Stripe Corporate (Instagram Photo: @talkprojectmic).

The now-seasoned marketer is currently, the marketing strategist for Sky Blue Transactions, a local tech company that offers digital solutions for local businesses such as eZeePayments and School Fee Payments.

She is also an educator who teaches digital marketing courses. She recently concluded a digital entrepreneurship course at the Northern Caribbean University and a social media course at the HEART/NSTA Trust. 

The marketing guru also works with the Balanced Lady Boss Stacey Hines, Chief Executive Officer of Femme Powered, a community designed to support female leaders in creating success without stress while supporting them with a community of like-minded women in leadership.

Monique McIntosh, Digital Marketing Consultant and Educator (Photo Contributed).

Monique shared that her aim is to help business operators in the region expand by using the digital space more effectively.

“For too long we have played it safe or kept quiet about what it is that we do or relied on word of mouth to build our businesses. But here are these technologies, here are these tools that are available for our use. Many of them are free, many of them user-friendly and very intuitive but it’s just different from what we are used to. So if someone can dedicate themself to focusing on it or have a coach to guide them through the process it can help to make the transition a lot easier,” she added.

For additional information on how to leverage your business in the digital marketing space, reach Monique McIntosh at the link below:

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