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JAM | Jun 7, 2023

NFTA development programme sees first signs of success

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A significant milestone in the development of gridiron football in the region took place in February, when the National Tackle Football Association (NTFA) hosted the Gridiron National trials at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Mona campus.

The trials attracted 135 athletes, including both domestic and international talent, who showcased their skills and determination. Following rigorous evaluations, a total of 55 athletes made the final cut for Team Jamaica, while another 60 athletes received invitations for the national team development programme, setting the stage for their future success.

One of the key objectives of the NTFA has been to promote athletes to NCAA/NAIA institutions, enabling them to secure collegiate scholarships. In an impressive accomplishment, 20 high school graduates have been offered scholarships to attend various postgraduate academies in the United States, solidifying their dreams of pursuing tertiary education while playing American Football. Additionally, negotiations are currently underway for six highly skilled athletes to attend showcases hosted by the International Football Alliance (IFA), presenting them with opportunities to transition into professional football.

For a comprehensive list of the athletes, their collegiate offers, and their professional aspirations, interested individuals can visit, which serves as a testament to the immense talent pool fostered by the SSGL and NTFA.

American football, with its inclusiveness regarding body type, size, and athleticism, has provided a platform for athletes of varying physical attributes to excel. The sport recognises and celebrates the unique strengths of individuals, ensuring that talent and dedication are the true determinants of success. As a result, athletes of diverse backgrounds, body types, and skill sets have found their niche within gridiron football, dispelling stereotypes and promoting a culture of inclusivity.

Breaking new ground in the realm of collegiate pathways, the introduction of Flag Football for girls within the NCAA/NAIA framework has opened up unprecedented opportunities. Female athletes now have a dedicated pathway to pursue their gridiron aspirations at the collegiate level, further empowering them and advancing gender equality within the sport.

With new institutions joining the NTFA and SSGL programmes, the certification courses for coaches and officials have been made accessible to individuals interested in contributing to the growth and development of gridiron football. This inclusive approach encourages a broader participation base, fostering a vibrant and well-supported gridiron community.

As the SSGL and NTFA continue to receive guidance and assistance from the Ministryof Entertainment and Sport, Social Development Foundation (SDF), and their valued partners, the future of gridiron football in the region looks promising. The unwavering support, coupled with the passion and dedication of athletes, coaches, and officials, lays the foundation for continued exponential growth in the coming years. 


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