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Red Stripe lauds Jamaican contractors behind corporate remodelling

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Boasting a welcoming feel, staff and visitors will be greeted by the receptionist upon arrival at the newly renovated Red Stripe House corporate building on Spanish Town Road in St Andrew. (Photo: Contributed)

Jamaican contractors Johnathan Johnson and Nicholas Douglas were recently celebrated by Red Stripe for renovating the company’s iconic ‘Red Stripe House’ corporate building on Spanish Town Road.

The renovated building provides a modern space for employees to comfortably work, create and engage.

Both experts have worked in the construction industry for over two decades. They are committed to satisfying their clients’ construction needs with their wealth of knowledge, experience and high standard of service.

Johnson, who is CEO of Johnson Shaw Design Management Services and the main contractor for Red Stripe House, explained that it was his deep-seated passion and love for Red Stripe, where he served as an employee for several years before starting his own company, that made it an easy decision to partner with Red Stripe.

“I worked with Red Stripe as a full-time employee for 25 years; my last position was capital expenditure (CAPEX) manager. At this company, I learnt the rudiments of sound project management, CAPEX stewardship, quality control, procurement negotiations, governance and compliance. This knowledge set has served me well in my own business, where I have, since inception, managed numerous projects for large local and international enterprises. My experience, familiarity, and love for Red Stripe further influenced me to take on this project,” said Johnson.

Jonathan Johnson, CEO of Johnson Shaw Design Management Services. (Photo: Contributed)

Renovating the ‘Red Stripe House’ corporate building included inputs from over 90 local experts. Johnson applauded Red Stripe for this, noting that the wide range of talent in the country ought to be acknowledged.

“We certainly have great talent in Jamaica. Our challenge has been to retain these talented people by allowing them to show what they can do. To have been afforded this opportunity to showcase our expertise by renovating Red Stripe’s corporate offices is a testament to the company’s belief in harnessing local talent and acknowledging the hard work of bringing a vision to life.”

Douglas, project manager of Arkad Construction and for the Red Stripe House, has an equally celebrated reputation within his industry. He reflected on his passion for construction, which started during his early years.

“From as young as nine-years-old, I was helping my father to create construction plans. My brother wanted to become a civil engineer, and my sister was interested in architecture, so I guess you could say it’s a tradition for my family”, said Douglas.

Project manager of Arkad Construction, Nicholas Douglas. (Photo: Contributed)

Douglas expressed his satisfaction after seeing the impact of the new space on staff, noting that bringing positive change to the lives of his clients was his primary reason for joining the industry.

Douglas shared, “The construction industry is a true example of seeing the tangible fruits of your labour. I always ensure that I am as professional as possible and maintain a high service standard to bring my client’s vision to life. After you have put in such hard work, you feel truly pleased to see it all come together, and it brings you a great sense of pride to know that you have satisfied your client and made a great impact.”

“Seeing the Red Stripe staff pleased and the commendation of the prime minister who visited the renovated building in March was truly satisfying and reminded me very much of why I enjoy what I do. I am very proud of what I have accomplished thus far, and I look forward to more successful partnerships in the future,” added Douglas. 

The ‘Red Stripe House’ is officially open! Prime Minister Andrew Holness (centre) leads the ribbon cutting at the newly renovated ‘Red Stripe House’ corporate building. From left to right: Head of Human Resources, Judon Bowden; Red Stripe Supply Chain Director, Nele Vanbeneden; Red Stripe Managing Director Luis Prata; Red Stripe Finance Director Yaniece Gentles; Prime Minister Andrew Holness; Red Stripe Board Chairman, Peter Melhado; Red Stripe Head of Corporate Affairs, Dianne Ashton-Smith; Member of Parliament for St Andrew Western, Anthony Hylton; and Red Stripe Head of Commerce, Sean Wallace. (Photo: Contributed)

Inspired by staff comfort and satisfaction, the newly renovated Red Stripe House corporate building was expertly designed for the staff to enjoy an eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and modern space which fosters comfortable work collaboration.

With aesthetics that could compete with offices from first-world countries, the office has a clean and modern look, complemented by a decor that represents the Red Stripe brand.


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