JAM | May 11, 2023

Red Stripe launches Rum Stripe

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A rum mixed drink in a can

Red Stripe, the iconic Jamaican beer brand has unveiled its latest creation, Rum Stripe by Red Stripe.

This latest addition to the Red Stripe portfolio is an authentic Jamaican white rum mixed drink that will transport consumer taste buds to a world of bold and intense flavours with delicately balanced tropical fruit notes. Rum Stripe is the perfect choice for consumers who are looking to explore beyond traditional beer offerings.

With a tantalizing blend of real Jamaican white rum and natural fruit flavours, this innovation is lightly carbonated for a refreshingly great taste and is packaged ready-to-drink in a sleek 250 ml can.

The two flavour options; Cranberry, and Pine and Coconut, are guaranteed to satisfy any craving for a deliciously indulgent beverage and are sure to become staples in the discerning drinker’s mixed drink repertoire.

At 9.0% alcohol by volume (ABV), these mixed drinks are best served chilled and are perfect for high-energy party occasions from an Instagram-worthy house party to a lively street dance or a fun-filled night out with friends. The creatively styled slim-lined Rum Stripe can is a real eye-catcher with its modern and sophisticated design.

Recommended selling prices

Rum Stripe Cranberry and Rum Stripe Pine and Coconut will be on shelves across Jamaica for a recommended selling price of J$300. The can features a smooth and glossy finish that exudes trendy elegance and chic refinement.

Its trim and stylish silhouette are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. The branding is bold and striking, with the Red Stripe logo and the “Rum Stripe” name prominently displayed on the front of the can.

The colour palette is fashionably sleek, with a predominance of hues that are reflective of the vibrancy and richness of the flavours, adding a touch of excitement and energy. Overall, the creatively styled Rum Stripe can is a true representation of the brand’s commitment to innovation, design, and quality.

HEINEKEN USA recently launched two new canned Red Stripe ready-to-drink rum cocktails, Red Stripe Rum Punch and Red Stripe Rum Mojito in April 2023. Offered only in the US, these novel products provide a unique experience distinct from Rum Stripe.

Red Stripe committed to innovation

Featuring lower ABV of 5.9%, two markedly dissimilar flavours, and a fresh packaging design, they are tailored to captivate the palate of the American consumer. Speaking at the launch of the product, Rum Stripe Brand Manager, Jodi-Ann Campbell emphasized that Red Stripe plans on maintaining its position as movers and shakers within the industry noting that “innovation remains at the core of our commercial growth agenda and this latest addition to the Red Stripe family increases choice for our consumers while also bringing a new level of excitement to the category.”

Continuing Campbell said, “our team has worked tirelessly to create a product that embodies the spirit of Red Stripe and the taste of Jamaica in every sip.” The new product is the result of years of research and development.

Red Stripe has utilized the latest brewing techniques and cutting-edge technologies to create a canned rum mixed drink that is truly unique and will revolutionize the consumer mixed drink experience. “We believe that Rum Stripe will be a game-changer in the industry because it is conveniently packaged to deliver a great drinking experience every time – no mixing required,” Campbell said.

Red Stripe has always been committed to innovation and placing consumer needs and changing tastes at the forefront of their business. 


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