JAM | Nov 29, 2023

Red Stripe to promote responsible alcohol consumption at ‘Responsibility Now!’ town hall

Shemar-Leslie Louisy

Shemar-Leslie Louisy / Our Today

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Dianne Ashton-Smith, head of corporate affairs at Red Stripe

Red Stripe is gearing up for the fourth installment of its ‘Responsibility Now!’ town hall in a continued effort to promote responsible alcohol consumption.

Themed ‘Beyond the Tagline: Unpacking Responsible Consumption,’ the event is set to comprehensively explore the nuances of responsible drinking, in a bid to empower consumers and the broader society to make informed decisions.

Scheduled for Wednesday, November 29, the ‘Responsibility Now!’ town hall will take place at the Red Stripe Vibes Sports Club, in collaboration with the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ). Dr Terri-Karelle Reid will moderate the event, featuring Desmond McKenzie, minister of local government and rural development, as the guest speaker.

Red Stripe’s brewery along Spanish Town Road in Kingston, Jamaica. (Photo: Cool Hunting)

The panel will include Reynold James, CEO of Lupine Technologies; Dr Shane Alexis, past president of the Medical Association of Jamaica (MAJ); Sara Templeton, counsellor and substance abuse specialist at RISE Life Management; Raynor Honeyghan, cultural and entertainment affairs chairperson (CEAC) at The University of the West Indies, Mona; and Andrew Folkes, author of The Power of Pain: My Pain My Breakthrough.

Dianne Ashton-Smith, Red Stripe’s head of corporate affairs, said: “As we enter the festive season, when celebrations are in full swing, our commitment to promoting responsible consumption remains resolute. It’s not just about enjoying the season but doing so mindfully and responsibly.”

“We believe that by amplifying diverse voices representing various aspects of our community, we can help bridge the understanding gap surrounding responsible consumption,” she continued.

Metry Seaga, president of the PSOJ

Red Stripe initiated the ‘Responsibility Now’ town hall in June 2022, in collaboration with the PSOJ, to ignite public discourse and engage essential stakeholders in discussions concerning various facets of responsible alcohol consumption.

PSOJ President Metry Seaga commended Red Stripe for its unwavering commitment, expressing enthusiasm for the continued and expanding partnership. He stated: “This enduring collaboration has significantly raised awareness on critical issues related to alcohol consumption. It’s essential to have a refresher on responsible consumption, especially as the holiday approaches, providing our Jamaican people, particularly the youths, with a better understanding of how to live and drink responsibly. As the private sector, we continue to participate actively in this event, acknowledging that it is also our responsibility to support initiatives that contribute to social good.”


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