| Oct 2, 2021

Sagicor donates US $12,000 to help build UHWI Field Hospital

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Sagicor Group Jamaica has donated US $12,000 towards the construction of the field hospital being built at the University of the West Indies Hospital to treat COVID-19 patients. The financial conglomerate is also leading the corporate financial response by allowing other entities to donate to the project through the Sagicor Foundation.

Christopher Zacca, President and CEO, Sagicor Group Jamaica said the project aligns with the company’s vision to improve the lives of the people of Jamaica.

“Healthcare is one of the primary areas of focus for the Sagicor Group, through our Foundation, and  since the onset of the pandemic we have been committed to supporting our hardworking and dedicated healthcare workers who continue to be at the forefront of this fight. Sagicor remains committed to supporting the country’s health sector during this unprecedented time,” he said.

Zacca added that the donations are being accepted for the completion of four additional modular units for the field hospital.Entities interested in donating can make deposits to the Sagicor Foundation’s account via electronic transfers or in-branch direct deposits to Sagicor Bank account number 5502326386 – Dominica Drive Branch.

Medical Chief of Staff at UHWI Dr Carl Bruce, in extending his gratitude to Sagicor for its contribution, highlighted that the new facility will enhance the hospital’s operations threefold.

“Firstly, we’ll be able to provide a more humane solution for the patients who are COVID-19 positive by moving them inside and sheltering them from the elements, because currently there are patients who do  not have beds, so they have to be treated outdoors,” Bruce said.

He added that the field hospital will also allow UHWI to treat non-COVID patients – such as those with heart attack and stroke – who still need care. “And thirdly, it allows us to continue to train staff for the health system, because if we close the entire hospital due to COVID-19, we can’t graduate the new doctors or nurses next year,” Bruce said.

The construction of the field hospital started at the beginning of September, after UHWI called on the private sector to assist with funding for the project. Several companies under the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) have since contributed through the Sagicor Foundation, and the university has so far acquired 20 of the 24 modular units needed for completion.

The field hospital was officially opened yesterday (October 30) with the units they have so far, which will be able to house between 48 and 50 patients. When all 24 modular units are installed, the field hospital will have a capacity of about 60 patients.


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