JM | May 25, 2022

Salus Technology Services launches affordable tech solutions to MSMEs

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Mark Farquharson, CEO of Salus Technology Services Limited. (Photo contributed)

Salus Technology Services Limited has launched its new small business unit, Salus for Small Business.

Salus for Small Business is designed to help micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) be ready for today’s technological trends and threats with affordable cybersecurity bundles, cloud voice solutions (PBX), backup solutions, business applications and managed IT services.

All are available with flexible payment options allowing SMEs to protect their digital assets, manage business processes, and access best-in-class technology that is typically available only to larger companies, which levels the playing field in technology between enterprises and SMEs.

Salus for Small Business benefits from the success and expertise established by top-rated technical talent and best-of-breed technology.

“We have realised that small businesses are at a significant disadvantage because they lack the budget and knowledge required to implement the technologies that are needed to safeguard their revenues,” said Mark Farquharson, CEO of Salus.

“We have created a unique suite of products that bring more value to MSMEs, allowing them access to technology while providing security, collaboration, insight, and flexibility,” he further noted

The service offers small business customers with a minimum of five employees access to full IT services, security, and collaboration at no upfront cost. The solutions give customers the freedom to build the best plan for their needs as well as ‘mix and match’ bundles.

Bundle options include:

  • Salus Business Security starts from $2,250 per user per month. These services include data protection from ransomware attacks and other cyber threats, such as unauthorised duplication and storage of confidential company data on USB drives, for instance.
  • Salus Business Voice, starting from  $11,998 per month, is a five-employee bundle that is suited for businesses with multiple departments that wish to manage incoming and outgoing calls. The bundle provides businesses with the opportunity to work remotely while staying connected with their team members and clients.
  • Salus Business Complete starting from $36,000 per month is also a five-employee bundle. The service combines Salus’ innovative business services, which comprise Cloud Voice (PBX), Business Security, Managed Wifi, Cloud Backup, Salus Helpdesk Support and One Business Application: CRM to track and manage a sales pipeline. The Help Desk solution is also integrated into the product suite and will allow MSMEs to monitor and track their customer requests and business projects.

Salus currently offers these bundled services to clients in the legal, healthcare, insurance, and microfinance industries.

“We believe that the bundles offer MSMEs with a unique opportunity to protect, manage and grow their business while taking advantage of enterprise-class technologies”, Farquharson stated.


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