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Sandals Negril encourages literacy, health and environmental awareness in Westmoreland schools

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Students of Negril Primary School are all eyes and ears as Shanique Laing, regional public relations coordinator, discusses the wonders of the deep blue sea (Photo: Contributed).

As part of its mandate to encourage environmental awareness and inspire literacy development, Sandals Negril has piloted sprightly educational sessions with students of Negril Primary School and West End Infant School.

The resort recently conducted an interactive grow what you eat workshop and also engaged the enthralled student bodies in reading comprehension activities.

The youth-targeted campaign, which relied heavily on the students’ consistent participation, creative energy and colorful imagination, included the efforts of participants between the ages of three and 10 years old.

Over 100 exuberant children were productively involved in informative conversations, guided art and craft, the completion of collaborative tasks, inspired writing and dramatic presentations. Early childhood students, in particular, were immersed in focused reading and critical thinking exercises throughout the initiative.

Regional Public Relations Manager, Jennese White, bonds with students of West Infant School during an outdoor reading session (Photo: Contributed).

“Illiteracy is a real challenge in our nation. It’s our collective responsibility to ensure that our children are not only literate in terms of reading and writing, but are environmentally knowledgeable as well,” commented Shanique Laing, regional public relations coordinator for Sandals and Beaches Negril.

“When we present children with opportunities like this that allow them to think, imagine and create, we are, essentially, aiding their holistic growth,” she added.

The animated endeavour opened the floor to discussions on the cultivation and consumption of healthy food options as a viable alternative to the disconcerting dietary patterns noted among youth.

Jennese White, regional public relations manager, shares a sweet moment with an enthused West End Infant School student (Photo: Contributed).

Students were able to clearly see their concerns surrounding sustainable practices mirrored in stories and analogies and were also expressive enough to shape these experiences into actionable steps for the future.

“Nature has provided all of the pieces required to achieve exceptional wellness and health. If we can put these pieces together with the help of stories that we can share with our youth, then we’re already miles ahead on the journey to environmental awareness,” shared Regional Public Relations Manager for Sandals and Beaches Negril, Jennese White.

“We simply need to advance our efforts by giving children more print-rich content celebrating the wonders of our natural environment with the hope that it will inspire change.”

Amorie Samuels, senior teacher and environmental leader at Negril Primary School, further stressed the significance of exposing children to concepts that detail the relationship between sustainable practices and good health. “It is extremely important that we do our best to educate our youth on environmental matters. Their future depends on it,” she reiterated.

Sandals Negril continues to forge partnerships with child-centred institutions with a view to empowering the lives of our youth. Their commitment to this cause rests in the promise of a brighter future for this generation.


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