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Small Business Bites | Juice Blend Ja

Tatyana Bromfield

Tatyana Bromfield / Our Today


Every great store deserves great exposure. Here, at Our Today, we highlight Jamaican entrepreneurs making a positive mark in the small business space. We believe every good business – particularly local stores with excellent customer service, trendy products and a strong social media presence – deserves to be recognised for its quality service.

Juice Blend Ja

These days, Health = Wealth.

Juice Blend Ja is the perfect shop for anyone looking to boost their immune system, cleanse their body or get a well-needed energy boost on a budget.

 The online store specialises in wellness shots, organic juices and fruit shakes.

Each 32oz smoothie costs no more than $1,500 and is made entirely of natural fruits, vegetables and supplements.

Need a colon cleanse?

Juice Blend Ja has a special three-day cleanse set for those looking to empty their bodies of unwanted toxins.

In these times, it’s always a good idea to take care of your body. Try a juice fast today!

Check them out:

Instagram: Juice Blend Ja

Facebook: Juice Blend Ja

“I wanted to give my tummy a break from all the tasty crap I love to eat…the juices did what it was supposed to do…even got rid of my bloat. I will definitely purchase again.”

“(It was) great. I lost 1lb, exactly what I wanted.”

“The green juice is very refreshing.”


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