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Supreme Ventures Foundation ‘peps up’ state care scholars

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Chloleen Daley-Muschett, corporate communications and public relations manager of Supreme Ventures Limited, takes the spotlight at the Supreme Ventures Foundation Scholarship Luncheon last Thursday (October 20), at the District 5 Sky Lounge, R Hotel.

The Supreme Ventures Foundation continues to be a strong proponent of the notion that “education is the key to prosperity”.

The Foundation recently held a Pep Up luncheon to fete and motivate its 20 scholarship recipients.

As part of its 20th anniversary celebrations last year, the Foundation awarded 20 university and college students who are transitioning from state care with financial aid that covered all expenses related to tuition, boarding, and other educational costs throughout their tertiary level academic programmes.

From left: Supreme Ventures Foundation (SVF) Director Heather Goldson speaks to scholarship recipients, Christopher Dawes from the Shortwood Teacher’s College and Monae Williams of Northern Caribbean University, last Thursday (October 20) at the Supreme Ventures Foundation Scholarship Luncheon, at the District 5 Sky Lounge, R Hotel.

According to Heather Goldson, director of Supreme Ventures Foundation, the luncheon was envisioned as a method to engage with and inspire the scholarship recipients on a more personal level than the standard payment of tuition.

“We recognised that our scholars faced unique challenges – including navigating school life during a pandemic – that would have made their transition to tertiary level more difficult than usual but through it all they worked hard and did their best.” said Goldson.

“We know, however, that even the best among us needs to be motivated. With that in mind, the SVF team curated this Pep Up Session to boost our scholars and cheer them along as they enter their 2nd year of studies.”

Heather Goldson (centre), director of Supreme Ventures Foundation (SVF), shares a lens with Rosalee Gage-Gray (right), CEO of the Child Protection and Family Services Agency, and Krystal Tomlinson.

The event included a ‘Power Up Session’ by TrainFit Club and a vision boarding activity with Krystal Tomlinson with the theme ‘Building the Habit of Excellence’.

Each student was also gifted with a laptop bag by Bresheh, grocery store gift cards, phone credit, and movie gift cards as part of the encouragement package.

Rosalee Gage-Grey, CEO of the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA), expressed her gratitude to the SVF team for the event.

Members of the Supreme Ventures Foundation (SVF) Luncheon, gather for a photo on the grounds of District 5 Sky Lounge, R Hotel last Thursday (October 20).

“The Supreme Ventures Foundation continues to invest into our children and young people and that is something that must be applauded,” she said.

“An event like this, I know, will go a far way in motivating the students as it demonstrates that the interest in them is not limited to providing the much-needed resources but also in their personal development and mental wellbeing.”

Senior Marketing Manager of Supreme Ventures Limited Kajay Rowe (left) presents a student of the Caribbean Maritime University, Kimani Howard, with a token of courtesy from the Supreme Ventures Foundation (SVF) on Thursday during the SVF Scholarship Luncheon, held at the District 5 Sky Lounge, R Hotel.

Goldson affirmed SVF’s commitment to the collaboration with CPFSA to providing the scholarship recipients with life-changing experiences.

“It was our absolute pleasure to partner with the CPFSA to offer these 20 students the opportunity to pursue their studies without the major financial concerns and to create this interactive and meaningful experience that elevates the value of their scholarship,” she remarked.

The Foundation continues to serve as a beacon for the child protection sector, offering hope to the children and caregivers and proactively seeking avenues to uplift and positively transform their lives.


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