JAM | May 5, 2023

Satisfy your Cinco de Mayo cravings with some JaMexican food at Chilitos!

Mikala Johnson

Mikala Johnson / Our Today

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Grab some tacos or burritos for lunch this Friday. (Photo: Instagram @Chilitosjamexican)

Today, Mexicans all over the world are celebrating Cinco de Mayo! If you want to join in on the celebration, you might want to swing by Jamaican-Mexican fusion restaurant Chilitos later today.

Cinco de Mayo is a national Mexican holiday that celebrates the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla and Mexico’s victory over the French Empire on May 5, 1862.

It serves as a symbol of Mexico’s pride and self-sufficiency and is usually celebrated with social gatherings filled with great music and even greater food.

Jerk Chicken tacos are actually a thing at Chilitos! (Photo: Instagram @Chilitosjamexican)

So, if you like Mexican cuisine, today is the perfect day to enjoy some jerk chicken tacos and burritos!

Chilitos’ fusion of Jamaican and Mexican flavours is one of a kind, with options for vegans and carnivores alike, so need to worry.

The JaMexican restaurant boasts an impressive menu that offers a wide variety of Mexican dishes with a taste of Jamaican flavours.

The bar will spark your taste buds, as Chilitos is known for its colourful selection of margaritas and creative signature cocktails. So, there is plenty of drinks option for you to choose from.

Margaritas anyone? (Photo: Instagram @Chilitosjamexican)

If you have a love for Mexican and Jamaican food, then you should check out Chilitos Jamexican restaurant. The restaurant is located at 88 Hope Road in Kingston, where if offers customer a relaxing and laid-back chill spot.

Oh! I almost forgot, today is actually Burritos Friday so you definitely want to swing by!


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