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VM Foundation gives big boost to Prayer Breakfast beneficiary

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(From left) Peter Reid, Deputy CEO, VM Group Ltd; and Samantha Charles, CEO, VM Foundation is joined by Rev. Samuel McCook (right), Chairman of the National Leader Prayer Breakfast (NLPB) Committee; in presenting a symbolic cheque valued at $700,000 to Renaldo Rush, staff worker, Students Christian Fellowship and Scripture Union (SCFSU) Eastern Region during a handover ceremony held on Wednesday (March 1) at the VM Group corporate office in St Andrew. The SCFSU is the beneficiary of the 42nd staging of the NLPB. The funds include a donation by VM Foundation as well as monies raised at the breakfast. (Photo: Contributed)

The VM Foundation, in collaboration with the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast (NLPB) Committee, has donated $700,000 to the Students Christian Fellowship and Scripture Union (SCFSU).

The donation came from contributions made at January’s staging of the annual National Leadership Prayer Breakfast, in addition to a $500,000 contribution directly from the VM Foundation.

In a statement this week, the foundation explained that the aim is to strengthen effective Christian ministry in secondary and tertiary students across Jamaica, in a push to develop strong and rounded future leaders.

Peter Reid, deputy CEO of VM Group, in remarks at the handover ceremony held at the VM Group’s Half-Way Tree corporate office on Wednesday (March 1) emphasised that VM remains focused on nation-building by empowering students to become true leaders in diverse fields.

“The VM Foundation is inspired by the work done by the SCFSU and is pleased to be offering additional support that will be put to good use. I’m grateful for the commitment of the VM Foundation’s board of directors and its leaders for the unfailing dedication they show to improving lives,” he said.

Reverend Samuel McCook, chairman of the NLPB Committee, contended that this year’s investment is fitting as the SCFSU has contributed significantly to the well-being of many students and the wider society, adding that the Committee is grateful for the VM Group’s contribution over the years.

For her part, Petula White-Senior, vice-chairman of the SCFSU, said there is deep alignment between her organisation and VM’s objective of developing young leaders who will be able to make meaningful contributions to society.

She said the SCFSU sees itself as a national partner in responding to the current social crisis being experienced in schools.

“We are extremely concerned, like most Jamaicans, about the increased incidences of violence and other undesirable conduct among students in our schools. Urgent attention to the issues is of high national priority,” White-Senior mused, adding that the SCFSU has an unwavering commitment to national transformation and to strengthening communities through peace, justice and forgiveness.

She said the donation will be used to expand the SCFSU’s capacity to support and intervene in select secondary schools across the island.

“As such, we will be mobilising our inter-denominational community and suitable partners to increase participation in school devotions and provide resources for schools to enhance their devotional experiences.”

(From left) Peter Reid, Deputy CEO, VM Group Ltd; Samantha Charles, CEO, VM Foundation; Pastor Claudia Ferguson, Vice Chair, National Leadership Prayer Breakfast Committee; Renaldo Rush, staff worker, Students Christian Fellowship and Scripture Union (SCFSU) Eastern Region; Rev. Samuel McCook, Chairman of the NLPB Committee; Petula White-Senior, Vice-Chairman, SCFSU; and Paul Lewis, Acting General Secretary, SCFSU, share a photo op following the presentation of a symbolic cheque valued at $700,000 by the VM Foundation and the NLPB to the SCFSU, beneficiaries of the 42nd staging of the Breakfast. The handover ceremony was held on Wednesday (March 1) at the VM Group corporate office in St Andrew. (Photo: Contributed)

The Students Christian Fellowship and Scripture Union was first introduced to the Caribbean in 1948 and is aimed at sustaining effective social and spiritual development for secondary and tertiary students.

Popularly known as the Inter School Christian Fellowship (ISCF) in secondary schools, and as the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship in tertiary institutions, the organisation provides educational institutions, churches and civil society with leadership training, discipleship, and evangelism teachings. There is also focus on allowing students to become engaged in community development.


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