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WATCH | Rachael McDonald: Jamaica’s education specialist turns her attention to altruism for all

Shemar-Leslie Louisy

Shemar-Leslie Louisy / Our Today

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Rachael McDonald

Education specialist Rachael McDonald, who has spent close to two decades in education remains committed to her goals of community development through education and projects such as Di Cawna Library.

McDonald, who comes from a family of doctors, since early childhood always had a facination with taking care of children.

In an interview with Our Today, Rachael McDonald shared some of her early beginnings.

Rachael McDonald, Essential Educator (Photo: Instagram @mcdonaldrachael)

“I can’t pinpoint where my love for teaching and working with children started but I think I’ve always felt an inclination to work with children,” said McDonald. “Back in the 80s no one ever told me about working in education or becoming a teacher, so the only other option was to become a paediatrician if I wanted to care for and look after children,” she continued.

After completing her studies abroad she returned to Jamaica in 2003 where for the next six years worked as a Spanish teacher.

In 2008, She launched Fundaciones as an after-school learning programme for young children and over the next 12 years grew the business into one of Jamaica’s pillars of after-school education, opening up an additional location in Montego Bay and expanding to a larger location in Kingston.

Sadly, McDonald was forced to close Fundaciones’ doors due to reasons induced by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Watch Rachael tell her story below:

McDonald said that she has learned a lot from her time with Fundaciones and remains committed to her work in community development.

“Should circumstances align in our favour, we would definitely seriously consider reopening,” said McDonald when asked about the potential for reopening.


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