JM | Dec 23, 2020

Boss Furniture goes digital in push for Caribbean exposure

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A bed from Boss Furniture. (Photo: Contributed)

After 30 years of existence, Boss Furniture is launching a digital campaign aimed at making the company a household furniture brand throughout the Caribbean.

The campaign, #AskForBoss, is unique because it’s the first time a Jamaican owned furniture manufacturing company will be running simultaneous ads in multiple countries in the Caribbean.

This is a major pivot for Boss, transitioning from its previous strategy of being a quiet wholesale provider to hotels and furniture retail giants, to now building an interactive brand.

The campaign’s motive is to drive regional demand, as customers will begin to #AskForBoss when they go to furniture stores around the Caribbean.

Boss Furniture believes this will contribute to Jamaica’s manufacturing industry by providing ultimate style, comfort, and quality at competitive prices with the intention that every family across the Caribbean will feel like a ‘Boss’, sleep well at nights, and have the assurance that they supported the movement ‘Buy Jamaica, Build Jamaica’ and kept a Jamaican worker employed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The campaign shows that as soon as you lie down pon di Boss bed, di sleep and dream sweet!”

Boss Furniture

Boss Furniture is launching its new advertising campaign that is expected to turn heads for Boss beds, which include a wide range of mattress sizes that are all manufactured in Jamaica by local craftsmen.

In a release the furniture company said that, in its new advertisement, Boss is requested by a fairly new couple that is interested in the best quality bed.

“When the couple tries the bed, the husband is so pleased and comfortable that he falls asleep and drifts into a dream of being a boss. He is astonished in his dream as he is surrounded by luxury, his wife is beautifully attired in a dress that exudes elegance while preparing dinner, and the best part is, not only does he own one luxury BMW but five,” the release stated.

“The campaign shows that as soon as you lie down pon di Boss bed, di sleep and dream sweet! Everyone can feel like a boss when they have quality, comfort and style in their safe haven.”


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