JAM | May 4, 2023

Daniel Chong appointed as Deputy CEO of Honey Bun

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Honey Bun (1982) Limited has appointed its first Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Chong.

Daniel Chong, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Honey Bun

Chong, who is currently a director and was formerly the Chief Operations Officer of the company, assumed the new role on April 1, 2023. 

Chong has been with the company for more than 12 years, having graduated from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada with a degree in Civil Engineering. Before joining Honey Bun, Chong worked at companies in the greater Toronto area in Canada. He has worked for AECOM in transportation design engineering and project management. He also has experience in distribution logistics and route optimization, having worked at ICS Courier. Working with Plan Group expanded his experience in electrical, mechanical and communications infrastructure contracting.

With his keen eye for detail, creativity, problem-solving and technical planning capabilities, Chong has contributed significantly to the implementation and management of systems to improve efficiencies that have helped Honey Bun to decrease costs and maximize output. He works closely with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on the strategic and technical operations of the company’s business.

Executive Chairman and co-founder of Honey Bun, Herbert Chong, said: “In the number of years Daniel has been working in the position of Chief Operations Officer, he has proven himself very capable.  He has now been put in more of a leadership position for succession planning for the future of Honey Bun. “

Michelle Chong, CEO of Honey Bun.

Speaking on the appointment, CEO Michelle Chong said: “This role supports our succession plans. It follows on our 40th anniversary and provides an opportunity to hand over the baton while the current CEO is alive and able to continue to support.”

She continued: “Daniel is an expert in every part of the business.  He is technology savvy; understands the full production process; is financially more than adept; and has the advantage of youth to take on new challenges. He recently completed a course in leadership with Marcia Woon Choy and was voted best leader at our awards ceremony in December by the staff.”

During his tenure with the company, Daniel Chong has been instrumental in setting up the Enterprise Recourse Management software system and maintaining the back-end functionality. Besides his software skills, he also led the review of financial reporting before the employment of the company’s financial controller. His skills are rounded and span various aspects of the business.


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