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Justice Marley: Crafting social change through fashion

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Justice Marley. (Photo: Contributed)

Fashion has always been a powerful tool for self-expression, but some creatives take it a step further, using their designs to make a positive impact on society.

One such creative is designer Justice Marley, daughter of Ziggy Marley and the force behind fashion brand ‘More Justice’.

Born in Kingston, Justice’s childhood memories and cultural roots play a significant role in shaping her commitment to fostering a better world through her fashion creations. With a focus on community, sustainability, and everyday wear, More Justice is a brand that not only strives for artistic excellence but also seeks to influence and inspire.

For Justice, there wasn’t just one specific indication that fashion was her calling. It was a combination of her keen eye for design, love for arts and crafts, and natural affinity for fashion that guided her toward her creative path. These elements seamlessly merged to form the foundation of More Justice, a brand that transcends mere clothing to become a platform for Marley’s artistic expression and social impact.

(Photo: Instagram @MoreJustice)

Justice’s upbringing and connection to her Jamaican roots provide the inspiration and drive behind More Justice’s mission to celebrate community, positive transformation, and authentic self-expression. 

The brand’s name, More Justice, holds profound meaning as it intertwines with Marley’s personal identity and moral compass. More than just a fashion label, it represents a call for increased justice and equality in the world. 

Free from political affiliations, More Justice becomes a platform for Marley to share her creative vision and inspire others to embrace their own principles of justice. By focusing on essentials rather than high fashion, the brand aims to build awareness and connect with a global audience, with future aspirations of expanding into more technical designs. 

As a creative, Justice Marley draws inspiration not only from designers’ aesthetics but also from their determination, innovation, and impact within the fashion industry. However, it is her own family lineage and upbringing that serve as the foundation of her unwavering commitment to fostering a better world through her fashion creations.

 Guided by the teachings of her grandfather, Bob Marley, and her mother, Lorraine Bogle, Marley’s moral compass is deeply rooted in her Jamaican heritage, inspiring her to create a positive impact through her work.

More Justice seeks to influence communities in multiple ways. Through community events and collaborations, the brand fosters unity by bringing people together. Positive messages are promoted through creative designs, while art and music find their place within the brand’s platform, inspiring creative expression. Moreover, More Justice supports causes in the best way possible, utilising its influence to drive positive change and empower marginalised communities.

(Photo: Instagram @MoreJustice)

More Justice is actively involved in promoting sustainable fashion. Embracing a small-batch production approach, the brand acknowledges the environmental impact of overproduction and aims to minimize waste. By encouraging customers to cherish their items and introducing new designs thoughtfully, More Justice prioritizes quality over quantity. This sustainable mindset ensures that the brand aligns with ethical practices and contributes to a more sustainable future.

Looking ahead, Justice envisions More Justice making a significant impact in streetwear and fashion in the next couple of years. Through meaningful collaborations with like-minded brands, the label aims to gain global recognition and celebrate culture. Each passing year brings the brand closer to carving a prominent space in the industry, leaving a lasting legacy of inspiration and positive change in the world of streetwear and fashion.

Justice Marley’s journey with More Justice exemplifies the transformative power of fashion. With a deep-rooted commitment to justice, community, and sustainability, Marley is crafting a brand that transcends boundaries and empowers individuals to express their authentic selves. By weaving her personal experiences, values, and creative vision into her designs, Marley and More Justice are crafting social change through fashion, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and inspiring others to embrace their own unique paths.


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