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Koffee named Nylon Magazine’s ‘It Girl’ for April 2022

Ategie Edwards

Ategie Edwards / Our Today

(Photo: Nylon Magazine)

Jamaican reggae singer Koffee continues to make her rounds in the public eye, with one of her latest appearances being Nylon Magazine‘s ‘It Girl’ for April 2022.

Nylon made the announcement earlier this month, uploading a gallery of pictures of the superstar to its official Instagram account.

The photographs, from a photoshoot done with the multimedia brand, included the caption: “Our April 2022 It🎆 Girl 🎆is #Koffee. Reggae’s next megastar is determined to spread some more much needed good vibes…”

This American multimedia brand, publishing company, and lifestyle magazine focuses on pop culture and fashion.

Producing its first issue in April 1999, Nylon Magazine covers beauty, fashion, art, travel, music, celebrities, design and technology.

(Photo: Nylon Magazine)

Following the photoshoot, Koffee sat with Nylon‘s Lindsay Zoldandz with whom the star spoke about her debut album, winning a Grammy award, family and more.

“One of the greatest things about reggae music is that it’s a music of upliftment. Reggae music is about speaking of experiences in a positive light as much as possible – or even when you speak of a negative experience, you bring it back around to a place where you can feel at ease.”

The singer, who described the pandemic as “a little bit of a relief”, shared that it gave her some time to put what she needed into perspective, allowing her to find more purpose in her abilities.

Koffee, whose real name is Mikayla Simpson describes her debut album Gifted as an homage to her musical heroes.

(Photo: Nylon Magazine)

“I think I can expand the sound [of reggae]. I can try different genres, try different styles or approaches that I know people are enjoying, kind of meet them halfway. Keep the message positive and just try different sounds to keep everybody entertained,” she told Zolandz.

When asked the meaning behind the album’s title, the 22-year-old Rapture hitmaker shared some encouraging words.

“It’s just to remind everybody, listen, once we have life, we’re gifted. Life is a gift. We say that so loosely and randomly, but since it’s a gift, once you’re alive, you already have the power to do whatever,” Koffee said.

To read Koffee’s full interview with Nylon Magazine click here.


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