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New Pokémon games to build bigger world for fans

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The world of Pokémon is growing even bigger by the minute. And, with the release of its latest games, Scarlet and Violet, fans can expect new and exciting features.

Yesterday (August 3) was a big day for poké fans as The Pokémon Company provided updates on the video gaming series.

Chief Operating Officer for the company, Takato Utsunomiya, finally announced the release date of the long-anticipated Scarlet and Violet games.

Addressing poké fans via YouTube, Utsunomiya shared the game’s trailer as well as detailed information on what to expect.

“We’re now starting to get a clearer picture of your adventures to come in the Paldea region. I’d like to dive a little deeper into the information presented. So let’s take a closer look…” the COO said.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

To commemorate the release of the game’s latest instalment, Our Today has compiled a list of what poké fans can expect come November 18.

RPGs (Role-play Games)

These games will be open world RPGs, a first for the company, breaking away from their usual linear story mode. Now gamers are able to challenge gyms and carry out side quests in no particular order.

Side Quests

Speaking of side quests, Scarlet and Violet will feature two side quests that gamers can complete before becoming the pokemon champion.

Early Access

For this latest Pokémon series, gamers will have the chance to gain early access to Scarlet‘s and Violet’s exclusive legendary pokemon. Similar to their previous game Pokémon Legends Arceus, this 2022 instalment will also allow gamers to ride, surf and glide Koraidon or Miraidon all around Paldea.

New Pokémon

We also got three new pokémon in Paldea. The regional variant Woopper (the poison fish pokemon), Fidough (the delightfully squishy pokemon) and Cetitan (the pokemon with a large body and hard horns who can also freeze its surroundings).

New Region Phenomenon

Pokémon fanatics will possibly be most excited about the game’s region phenomenon. Over the last few games, fans have been introduced to new region phenomena such as Mega Evolution and Dynamaxing.

Within Paldea, poke fans will have the Terastal region. This gives pokémon a gem-like quality while boosting their moves. This may even change their typing and in-raid battles. Gamers can also team
up with friends to catch Terastal pokémon with unique types.

So are you planning to get the new pokemon game and “catch them all?”

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