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Unveiling the multifaceted Okelia A Parredon: Five revelations beyond the boardroom

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Okelia A Parredon (Photo: Contributed)

At the helm of Mayberry Investments Limited’s sales and client services stands Okelia A Parredon, a dynamic leader whose influence extends far beyond the confines of her professional role.

While her adeptness in the world of finance is well-known, there’s much more to Okelia than meets the eye. Okelia candidly shares five captivating insights into her personal realm, offering a glimpse into the facets that shape her identity beyond the boardroom.

  • A Passion for Holistic Wellness

Behind Okelia’s strategic acumen lies a fervent dedication to nurturing a fit and healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise and a pescetarian diet are not just habits but pillars of her daily routine. “Maintaining physical and mental well-being is non-negotiable for me,” she affirms. “It’s about investing in myself to ensure I can bring my best self to every endeavour, both personally and professionally.” Her commitment to wellness serves as an inspiration to all who seek balance in their lives.

  • Spirituality as a Guiding Light

Beyond the realm of financial markets, she finds solace and strength in her spirituality as a Pentecostal Christian. “My faith grounds me and provides clarity amidst life’s complexities,” Okelia shares. “It’s a source of unwavering support, guiding my decisions and actions with values of compassion, integrity, and service.” Her faith not only informs her decisions but also illuminates her path with purpose and grace.

  • Family Bonds:Beyond Blood, Bound by Love

While her professional achievements shine brightly, her heart resides in the embrace of her cherished family. Beyond biological ties, she treasures her chosen family, whose love and support enrich her life. “Family is not just about blood relations,” she reflects. “It’s about the connections we forge, the bonds of love and loyalty that sustain us through every triumph and tribulation.” Her family ties serve as a testament to the depth of her relationships and the strength of her character.

  • Altruism: Fueling a Purpose-Driven Life

Driven by a profound sense of empathy, Okelia’s passion for altruism extends far beyond the confines of her career. “Making a meaningful difference in the lives of others is my true north,” she asserts. Whether through mentoring, volunteering, or acts of kindness, she remains steadfast in her commitment to uplifting those in need. Her altruistic endeavours embody the essence of compassion and generosity, leaving a lasting impact on communities far and wide.

  • Cultural Exploration

Outside the spreadsheets and client meetings, Okelia’s spirit finds liberation in the exploration of diverse cultures and landscapes. “Travelling is not just a hobby; it’s a transformative journey of self-discovery,” she muses. From tasting exotic cuisines to immersing herself in new traditions, each adventure fuels her curiosity and enriches her perspective on the world. Her wanderlust fuels a lifelong quest for knowledge and understanding, transcending borders and broadening horizons.

In unveiling these five dimensions of her identity, Okelia Parredon invites us to glimpse the mosaic of passions, values, and experiences that define her beyond the realm of finance. As the Company recently launched its MJE Bond IPO, which opened on May 10 and is set to close on June 7, the excitement surrounding Mayberry Investments Limited is palpable.

Okelia’s leadership during this pivotal time underscores her commitment not only to her personal growth but also to the success of the Company and its stakeholders. Maintaining balance in her life, her unwavering commitment to personal growth, empathy, and holistic well-being, exemplifies a leader whose impact transcends the boundaries of the corporate world, leaving an indelible mark on all whose lives she touches.


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