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JAM | Aug 31, 2021

Jamaican Olympian Nesta Carter officially retires from athletics

Juanique Tennant

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Jamaican sprinter Nesta Carter to appeal doping test result | Athletics  News | Sky Sports
Former Jamaican sprinter Nesta Carter

Eighth fastest man in history, Jamaican Olympic Gold medalist Nesta Carter has announced his official retirement from world-class athletics.

After stepping on the national stage at age 18, the now 35-year-old says he is no longer able to give of his best as an athlete to “the sport I know and love”.

For this reason, Carter explained in a statement that he would be officially retiring from track and field as an athlete, a decision that was “precipitated by a private medical condition, which has been getting worse”.

Carter further revealed that the unnamed illness has hindered him from training and competing since March 2021, and the prescribed medication to treat the illness breaches “existing anti-doping rules”.

In light of this, the former 100m sprinter stated he was forced to make an important choice between his health and athletics.

“I chose my health,” said Carter.

As the curtains close on his athletics journey, Carter expressed his appreciation to all who supported him on his journey stating: “I sincerely thank everyone who encouraged me in my athletic career.

“A kid from Banana Ground in Manchester was able over a span of 17 years to compete around the world and enjoyed every minute of it. I end my career with a personal best of 9.78 seconds over 100m, which places me among the best to have competed.”

He closed: “I congratulate all my fellow Jamaican athletes on their success at the Tokyo Olympics. May we continue to fly the black, green and gold Jamaican flag high for the world to see.”


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