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Who are your Top 10 upcoming social media influencers?

Tamoy Ashman

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With an increase in technology comes various opportunities. Social media has become an avenue for creatives to shine.

Since the pandemic, Jamaica has seen an increase in social media influencers creating lifestyle, travel and fashion content.

As these content creators grow, they are presented with life changing opportunities in the entertainment and music industry, proving that there are numerous benefits to sharing ones passions on social media.

Here is a list of 10 upcoming social media influencers. Who is your favourite?

Wesley ‘ Wes’ Hylton

Wes is a soca connoisseur who has been feting all across TikTok and Instagram. Known for his signature locs and vibrant personality, the 25-year-old is making his mark in the social media world.

With this growing recognition, he has been presented with several opportunities in the media field. These include radio host for local station Zip 105FM and TV host for The TABS Project.

Wes is also known as a fitness influencer and autism advocate, using his platform to spread positivity and awareness.

Chad Luchey

Chad Luchey is another upcoming social media influencer who continues to make his name in the industry.

The 20-year-old started his YouTube career amid the pandemic when boredom inspired creativity. He was discovered by popular social media sensation Rohan ‘Quite’ Perry, who became his mentor and close friend.

Since then, he has rebranded to provide his viewers with high quality videos and merchandise. Now at 43,000 subscribers on YouTube, he shares lifestyle content, challenges and pranks.

Drew Charles Luchey

Drew, most commonly known as Drew Michelle on YouTube, is a beauty, fashion, lifestyle and self care content creator. Like her younger brother, Chad, the 21-year-old started her content creation journey during the pandemic.

Since then, she has been offered numerous brand deals with companies such as Dossier and Bella Barnett.

Currently, she is in between Jamaica and Florida, providing viewers with travel content and story times that include some of her funniest moments.

At 21,000 subscribers on YouTube and 43,000 on Instagram, she continues to climb the social ladder, inspiring creativity and self love.

Rameish Desouzan

Desouzan is a budding food influencer known for thinking outside the box. The self acclaimed ‘Jamaican Master Chef’ is shaking up Jamaica with his creative dishes such as lychee porridge and ackee ice cream.

Though his creations might be odd to some, others find joy in predicting what he will conjure up next. Desouzan shares his recipes on YouTube and TikTok where he has seen a steady growth in followers.

Currently, he is on route to open a restaurant where he can take his creations from viewer’s screens to their plates.

Chenel ‘Chinee’ Jones

Jones is known for her comedy filled clothing hauls on TikTok and bold fashion statements. Born and raised in Port Royal, she is also and entrepreneur, providing trips to Lime Cay via her company, Lime Cay Trips.

Chinee produces a variety of animated content. These range from story times about her travels, to stories about life and lessons.

Currently, she has more than 200,000 followers on Instagram. She is also a brand ambassador for popular clothing brands Shein and Fashion Nova.

Big Trap

Social media content creator Big Trap went viral on TikTok during the pandemic when he started his ‘The Cutest Jamaican’ competition.

The competition featured men and women from all over the island who sent Trap applications to be considered the cutest Jamaican. As the competition went on, Trap’s presence on social media and follower count grew.

Currently, he has more than 25,000 followers on Instagram and in excess of 100,000 On TikTok.

He is also a music producer and songwriter who gained even more popularity after he released a snippet of his song Chop E line. Along with music, he creates content for lifestyle and comedy.

Toni Ton Travels

Toniann is a travel influencer and content creator who recently made her way into the influencer circle.

In a video on TikTok, the Heineken enthusiast shared that she received her first brand deal with the beer company.

She currently has 40,000 followers on TikTok where she shares travel hacks, cheap destinations and advise with her followers. Additionally, she has managed to capture the hearts of many with her bold and comedic personality, creating story time content.

Johnathan ‘Singh Zima’ Singh

Singh Zima is another young socialite making his way into the influencer circle. Zima became popular when his YouTube prank videos began to trend during the pandemic.

Since then, he has created a fan base of more than 40,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 20,000 followers on Instagram.

Zima provides travel, lifestyle and prank videos for his fanbase. He currently has his own clothing brand that he sells to supporters and continues to share his day-to-day life on social media.

Nasika Alliman

Alliman went viral on TikTok when she shared her struggles to find a job in Jamaica. She used her TikTok account to give daily updates on her quest to employment, which caught the attention of many on the app.

She has since created a community of more than 30,000 followers, known as ‘My Side’, who tune in for her daily outfit checks and life updates.

Currently, Alliman is a reporter for CVM, blogger, script producer and podcast show host. She also shares her day-to-day life as a journalist and speaks on current issues or events taking place in Jamaica.

Tash Fierce

The 25-year-old has steadily been making her way up the influencer ladder.

Fierce started her YouTube channel in 2015, but it was not until 2020 that her channel saw a boost in subscribers. She currently has in excess of 50,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Tash Fierce is a fashion influencer, partnering with popular clothing brands Shein and Fashion Nova. She also has her personal clothing brands Fierce Collection and Fierce Graphics.

Currently, she provides lifestyle, travel and beauty content as she seeks to grow her brand.

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