JM | May 1, 2021

Young filmmaker JP Williams releases debut short ‘The 1938 Unrest’

Al Edwards

Al Edwards / Our Today

JP Williams, filmmaker.

Filmmaker JP Williams, at 22, has made his debut with a remarkable documentary entitled The 1938 Unrest, produced by Studio Eight.

The 1938 Unrest is based on the labour disturbances which took place in Jamaica in May 1938.

These riots and strikes spread islandwide from the sugarcane fields of Frome, Westmoreland to the wharves on the waterfront of Kingston.

Playing the lead character in the film is Jayden Chambers, a talented actor who has co-starred in a television series and featured in a number of music videos.

Actor Jayden Chambers (left) with filmmaker JP Williams at work on the short film ‘The 1938 Unrest’.

The short film is directed, shot and edited by Williams, who hopes it will bring awareness to Jamaicans and the wider Caribbean about the importance of the historic events of that period.

Speaking with Our Today, Williams said: “This is my first short film and I will be looking to put out another film of a longer length during the summer, so look out for that!”

He added: “I’ve always had a passion for creating stories and when I was younger I would enjoy editing videos. It gave me tremendous pleasure. I created a video in Costa Rica which people loved and that got me thinking that I could pursue making film content as a career choice. I learned techniques, taught myself and used social media to reach people with my work. I intend to make feature films in the future and to showcase Caribbean content. Someday I want to do this kind of work in Africa.”


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